On-Demand Webcasts: Diversity


On-Demand Webcasts: Diversity

Webcasts Xan Goodman

Humble Leadership as a Humble Practice
Diversity Webinar Series

This 60-minute webinar introduces the concept of humble leadership. Humble leadership is a leadership style developed by Dr. Edgar Schien, MIT emeritus professor of organizational psychology. This webinar introduces the idea of humble leadership as a pathway to engage in leadership as a librarian. Our guest speaker shares her thoughts about humble leadership using a framework of cultural humility to situate humble leadership as a humble practice within a developing framework of cultural humility for librarianship.

Webcasts Max Macias

Moving Beyond Diversity to Anti-Oppression
Diversity Webinar Series

A presentation on how to incorporate anti-racist ideas, concepts and actions that can act as a model for anti-oppression library practices. Participants will be able to:

  • explain the concept of anti-racism 
  • identify racist policies, procedures and practices in their library
  • apply anti-racist concepts in the library
  • critique current library policies with an anti-racist analysis
Webcasts Mimosa Shah

Beyond Platitudes: Making EDI Actionable
Diversity Webinar Series

Diversity and equity are fundamental values of librarianship. How can we take these values and make them actionable at our respective organizations? Learn how to create and sustain an equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) committee at your library, including how to set goals, write a charge statement, and strategies that can be used to promote continuing education for staff on topics related to equity, indigeneity, accessibility, and inclusion. 

Webcasts Pamela Espinosa de los Monteros

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion as Action: Designing a Collective EDI Strategy
Diversity Webinar Series

Will the next decade of EDI initiatives and research in LIS address what works, rather than what is missing? Social justice requires librarians to transition from simply discussing these values to embedding them through strategic action in a manner that is accessible and reproducible by the average LIS employee. Participants will be introduced to the EDI@OSUL project, an action-based tool for libraries (co-developed with Sandra Enimil) to explicitly determine how to approach EDI at the individual, unit and organizational level. Learn how to design an employee-driven EDI action plan for an organization while simultaneously developing in-house EDI leaders who can lead from where they are.  

Webcasts Dr. Ana Ndumu

Beyond Routine Library Services to Immigrants: A Discussion on the Role of Information in Migration
Diversity Webinar Series

Library services to immigrants have historically followed a narrow service provision model that overlooks the broader role of information and libraries in migration. In this presentation, Dr. Ndumu will discuss the cross between libraries, social inclusion, and push/pull migration factors. The presentation will end with two initiatives that are transforming library ideology on immigrants.

Webcasts Jamie Lin, MLIS

What is Mindfulness, Anyway?
Diversity Webinar Series

Everyone’s talking about it as a way to de-stress, be more productive, and improve mental health. It’s now a billion-dollar business that includes corporate trainings, apps, products, and online courses… but what actually is mindfulness, anyway? This webinar will examine the recent popularity of mindfulness in Western society, as well as its history and tradition as a Buddhist spiritual practice. What parts of mindfulness have been embraced and adopted by our culture, and which portions have been ignored? What do its proponents rave about, and what do its critics argue? Is mindfulness a cultural movement, or is it a fad? Is it a spiritual endeavor, or an intellectual one? Is it political or apolitical, activist or apathetic? Is it an example of globalization, or is it cultural appropriation? These are some of the questions that will arise during the exploration of this topic. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of mindfulness, be able to detangle the ongoing conversations surrounding it, and perhaps develop a curiosity to learn more!

Webcasts Kiera Vargas

Librarians Being Open-Minded Professionals: Fostering Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity
Diversity Webinar Series

Librarians are the gateway for change in our communities, in corporate America, and educational systems. In 2020, our society is still attempting to find ways to include all individuals by fostering the awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The problem with this notion is many fail to conquer the first step, which is being open-minded. In a profession where we reach doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and most importantly our youth, we must step out of our comfort zones to learn beyond our educational practices. To truly assist in our profession, we must accept a new proposal: dismiss preconceived notions and practice “open-mindedness,” which is the first step to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.