Web-Based Information Science Education

What is WISE?

Web–based Information Science Education is a unique opportunity for MLIS and MARA students to take online learning courses from other ALA-accredited U.S. and Canadian schools and some schools from other countries. This expands the range of specialized classes available to our students. See the current list of WISE Schools.

Taking a WISE Course

SJSU students can enroll in online courses offered through WISE member schools. Students taking a WISE course will register for the appropriate number of credits of INFO 298. All fees are paid to SJSU and credits are awarded by SJSU which makes the process much easier than transferring credits.

Please note:

  • Prerequisite (MLIS Students): Completion of INFO 200, 202 and 204; good academic status (not on academic probation); students with more than 43 earned units are not eligible.
  • Prerequisite (MARA Students): Completion of MARA 200, 204 and 210; good academic status (not on academic probation).
  • A maximum of 6 units of INFO 298 can be applied toward completion of the MLIS/MARA degree..
  • INFO 298 is graded as CR/NC (Credit/No Credit). To earn a grade of CR, students must earn a C or better in their WISE class. A grade of C- or lower will result in a grade of NC for INFO 298.

To Apply

Students who are interested in enrolling in a WISE class should apply by submitting the online WISE Course Request Application form.

Course offerings, dates and deadlines for the appropriate semester are posted below.

Only a limited number of spots are available for WISE classes. Not all requests can be granted. Students who participate must be flexible and willing to adjust to the schedule, course management system, and online environment of the host school. A good candidate for a spot in a WISE course is a self–motivated, disciplined student who is comfortable with technology and can adapt well to change.


Students will register for INFO 298 for the number of units specified. They will pay the same tuition/fees they normally pay per unit.


Questions about participating in WISE should be directed to Alison Johnson.

Courses Offered & Deadlines

Fall 2022 Semester

Dates & Deadlines:

  • Course offerings will be posted June 6, 2022
  • Priority application period: June 6-17, 2022
  • Applications accepted through July 1, 2022

Courses Offered for Fall 2022:

Course Information Description
Asian American Youth Literature (2 credits)

Course runs Aug. 22 – Oct. 14, 2022. Course meets online on Wednesdays from 5:00-6:55pm Central /  3:00-4:55pm Pacific.

Host University: University of Illinois

This course examines books, media, and other resources for young people (ages 0-18) that include representations of the Asian diaspora, with special attention paid to patterns of immigration, exclusion, identity formation, and community building. The class will prepare students to better select, interpret, evaluate, and promote Asian American literature, media, and resources according to young people’s various needs (intellectual, emotional, social and physical).  View recent syllabus.

Priority application period extended to June 21, 2022 for this course.

African American Intellectual History, Bibliography, and Librarianship (4 credits)

Course runs Aug. 22 – Dec. 7, 2022. Course meets online on Saturdays from 2:30-4:30pm Central / 12:30-2:30pm Pacific.

Host University: University of Illinois
Instructor: Alkalimat, Abdul

Considers the intellectual output by and about African Americans within formal institutions of higher education and from the broader community: colleges, universities, libraries, journals, social movements, and digital forms of research publication. Past approaches to bibliography 
and mapping of the cultural record and more recent digital projects 
focused on African American content. Includes the role of African American librarians. Approach can be applied to any group or culture.

Priority application period extended to June 21, 2022 for this course.

Applied Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Communication (3 credits)

Course runs Aug. 15 – Nov. 30, 2022. Course is asynchronous.

Host University: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Instructor: Capra, Rob
An applied course introducing computational statistical analysis, machine learning, data exploration and communication with a focus on applied concepts as encountered within common data science applications.
Information Professions and Community Engagement (3 credits)

Course runs Sept. 6 – Dec. 14, 2022. Course is asynchronous.

Host University: Rutgers
Instructor: Kranich, Nancy
This course provides an introduction to, and overview of, community engagement theory and practice and its relevance to building the relationships that serve the information needs of communities in the digital age. Topics covered include community in theory and practice, social capital, social networks, information needs of communities, engagement methodology, evaluation, and collective impact and their relationship to library and information science organizations.
Video Games in Libraries (3 credits)

Course runs Aug. 25-Dec. 21, 2022. Course is asynchronous.

Host University: Queens College
Instructor: Sanchez, Jose
This course will examine video games from a cultural, social, and learning perspective. Rather than focusing on game design or analysis of game play, this course will focus on ways in which video games have been used in libraries as part of collections, for special events, and for teaching and learning. Through readings of critical works we will engage with questions such as are video games primarily artifacts of play or are video games an expressive form such as poetry and theater? Using a variety of theoretical & methodological approaches a range of topics will be discussed; gender and race in gaming; intellectual property and commodification in games, players as producers of game content; games as sandboxes; and virtual worlds.

To Apply: Submit the online WISE Course Request Application form.

Previous Courses Offered

Summer 2022 Semester

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Spring 2022 Semester

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Fall 2021 Semester

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Summer 2021 Semester

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