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Applicants, admitted students, and continuing students are responsible for checking their MySJSU accounts daily to review all areas of their accounts (Finances, Payment Due Dates, Holds, Messages, To-do and Enrollment Dates), for status updates, communications and due dates from Financial Aid, the Bursar, Registrar, iSchool student services and instructors. A Student Center Overview tutorial is available.

The SJSU Bursar’s office offers Live Chat on their website M – F 10am -12pm and 1 pm – 3pm Pacific.

There are two types of fee structures for School of Information students, Regular Session and Special Session. See information below regarding each fee structure by program.

Fees are paid to Cashiering Services, a part of the Bursar’s Office.

Pay fees on time! If your payment is late, you will lose your placement in the classes for which you’ve registered. You will receive the due date at the time you register. Locate your payment due date in the Finances section of your MySJSU account. The university does not send bills. The university charges a $25.00 per class late fee for classes added after the close of advanced registration.

Methods of Payment

The SJSU Bursar’s Office accepts the following methods of online payment:

  • eCheck (no fee)
  • Credit Card (non-refundable 2.9% service charge)
  • International Wire Transfer (There is no fee charged by either the University or per transfer for international wire transfers. However, the bank you use to send the wire transfer will probably charge a fee, so check with that bank for the fee schedule.)

For step-by-step instructions on how to pay online, see How to Make an Online Payment [PDF].

Online payment transactions must be completed by 11:50 p.m. on the payment due date to avoid enrollment cancellation.

Problems with Fees: iSchool Student Services does not have access to your financial records in MySJSU and cannot view your payment due dates or financial aid award information. If you have any problems regarding fees, please contact your Account Specialist in the Bursar’s Office. Please include student ID, student name and department name (for the department name, please use either MLIS or iSchool).


Regular Session Fees – MLIS Only

MLIS students in Regular Session (per their zip code) pay a flat rate based on the number of units they enroll in each semester, rather than paying by unit. The California State University system sets this fee structure. There is one fee for Regular Session students who take up to 6 units in a semester, and another fee for students who take more than 6 units in a semester. Thus, Regular Session fees are based on the number of units a Regular Session student chooses to take each semester. Regular Session fees include mandatory SJSU fees. See the university’s fee information here.

After completing at least 19 units, Regular Session MLIS students will have the option to retain their designation as a Regular Session student, or change their designation to Special Session. Regular Session MLIS students may want to change their designation, in order to gain access to additional electives offered in Special Session. To compare Regular Session and Special Session fees, view our fee comparison chart. For more information about changing student designations, please view our Advising FAQs (Regular Session vs. Special Session). Note MLIS students who decide to change their designation from Regular Session to Special Session, will not be eligible for the CSU or CalVet fee waiver program, and will not be eligible to receive any financial aid from the State of California. Unfortunately, we are not able to process switches for Regular Session Teacher Librarian Credential-Only students. (We can only help with switches for MLIS regular session students).

Financial aid information is available at

Installment payment information may be found at: Note: there is a $33.00 non-refundable installment plan fee.

Refund Information for Regular Session: See the SJSU Refund Policy for information about refunds for dropped classes and withdrawals. To receive a full refund, regular session students must drop during the open enrollment period.


Special Session Fees 

Special Session students (all students except those residing in the Regular Session catchment area for the MLIS program) pay fees based on the cost of running the course and providing the necessary technology. The State of California does not provide funds to support these classes. Special Session students do not pay SJSU campus mandatory fees that must be paid by Regular Session students.

Special Session fees are due within 21 days of registration for spring and fall. In summer, fees are due within 15 days. Go to, log on, and look under Self Service/Campus Finances for the option to pay fees. All the necessary information to pay fees is there.

Financial aid information: Contact Jenisha McCoy in the SJSU Financial Aid Office for assistance. Be sure to include your SJSU Student ID number and full name in your email.

Installment payment: For Special Session, students who wish to sign up for the payment plan, please contact the Bursar’s Office via e-mail at or by phone at 408-924-1601 and your inquiry will be directed to an Account Specialist.

Refund information for Special Session: Students should check the Professional Degree Program FAQs page or phone 408-924-2670 for refund policy information. 

MLIS, MARA, Certificate, and Open Classes

Special Session fees for the MLIS, MARA, Certificate and Open Classes programs are $541 per unit as of fall 2024. Thus, the total cost to earn the 43-unit MLIS degree is $23,263, and the total cost to earn the 42-unit MARA degree is $22,722. Fees are subject to review and change. 


Special Session fees for the MS in Informatics program are $575 per unit, with a total cost of $17,250 for the 30-unit degree. Fees are subject to review and change. 



MLIS Fee Structure Chart

The table below provides a summary of these two fee structures, illustrating the fees MLIS students will pay for Academic Year 2024 – 2025 courses (Terms of: Fall 2024, Spring 2025 and Summer 2025). Note: Regular Session Fees are estimated until the SJSU Regular Session Campus Fees are posted for Fall 2024 on the Bursar’s website.

Academic Year 2024 – 2025

Number of Units

Special Session Fees

Regular Session Fees