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Sonia Belasco

The Person Behind The Posts: Meet iSchool Social Media Coordinator Sonia Belasco

“These different apps and social media channels evolve, but I think their importance is often underestimated. The truth is that social media is how most people are getting most of their information. And particularly in an online program, where you don’t have that kind of face-to-face interaction as much as you would if you were in person, it’s an opportunity to build community between people and also to connect them to resources and information.”

Sonia Belasco, ‘22 MLIS 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Symposium Recap of “Juneteenth Celebrates Freedom!”

Symposium Recap of “Juneteenth Celebrates Freedom!”
2023 Juneteenth Symposium

Published: August 22, 2023 by Eori Tokunaga

As part of the national celebration of Juneteenth 2023, the San José State University iSchool hosted its second annual symposium on June 20, 2023, titled “Juneteenth Celebrates Freedom!” After a brief introduction, Dr. Anthony Chow passed the microphone over to professional storyteller, consultant, and writer Binnie Tate Wilkin who served as the keynote speaker for last year’s symposium.

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Mychal Threets

Checking out BookTok with Mychal Threets

“I think we just have fun with it. Me and the people who work on Library TikTok pride ourselves on embracing the cringe. I think as more and more people see library coworkers having fun with TikTok, you’ll see them start to submit ideas or be willing to participate themselves.”

Mychal Threets, ‘18 MLIS
Fairfield, California