Free, Online iSchool Career Workshops: What Are You Waiting For?

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Published: February 27, 2020 by Greta Snyder

Drum roll please. The answer is the next one! Did you know the SJSU iSchool offers free, online iSchool Career Workshops? It’s time to get the most out of your iSchool experience by learning from the ultimate career resource, iSchool Career Consultant Jill Klees. If you missed this month’s workshop “Your LIS Career Starts Here,” this post will catch you up and prepare you for the next workshop slated to be March 4, 2020 5-6pm PT, focusing on informational interviews. So, take the reins and jump start your career with iSchool Career Workshops:  free, live, recorded and awesome.

Jump Start Your Career

So many students in the MLIS program are either career changers or library paraprofessionals looking to move up in the field; whichever, it can be tough to get enough advice about how to transition your skills, translate your work experience and demonstrate your dedication to the field. The iSchool Workshops are a crucial way to hear insider tips and tricks to address those questions and more.

Recap of “Your LIS Career Starts Here” Workshop: Version 2020

As the digits indicate, this is a year of clarity and looking ahead. Get your sunglasses as your future is so bright! With Klees on your side, you’re sure to thrive. Here are some top nuggets of advice I gleaned from the workshop that will help you start growing your career right now.

  • Many students are career changers and might come across as over-qualified for LIS roles, so set yourself up for success to make the transition easier.
    • Pitch your translatable skills (versus previous job titles).
    • Seek out “in the field” experience in information environments (e.g., internships, work).
  • Get involved:  take advantage of opportunities exclusively available for iSchool students.
    • Join student groups and professional organizations at a special student rate; apply for graduate student iSchool jobs and independent studies (read more here.
    • Email Klees for an appointment by phone, or to review your resume or cover letter. Read about my game-changing experience working on resume-redux here.
  • Only 20% of jobs are listed online; 80% of jobs are found through people you know.
    • Start networking now. Read more here.
    • Connect on Twitter with places you’d like to work or institutions/organizations you’re interested in. Read some advice here.
    • Challenge yourself to reach out to iSchool alumni for informational interviews.

Next Career Workshop March 4, 2020: Don’t Miss Out!

You have so many career questions and Klees is to the rescue with Career Coaching Office Hour. Jump into the next iSchool Career Workshop this March 4, 2020 from 5:30-6:30PM PT and bring your list of hows, whats, whens, and whys.

Final thoughts

The iSchool offers so many incredible career resources and development opportunities outside the classroom, here are a few top ways to get started:

Career development opportunities​

Jobs in Handshake (requires login to Handshake)


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