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Conference Presentation Insight: Tips & Pointers Part 2

Kesheena Doctor, Leah Choi, Adrienne Violet, & Eva Flying in-person at ATALM 2023 after presenting their Seeking Immortality presentation with virtual team members. photo courtesy of Leah Choi.

Published: February 6, 2024 by Kesheena Doctor

This past fall semester was an extremely busy time for me. Not only was I working part time and taking a full course load, I also presented at two conferences! For those unaware, presenting at a conference takes a lot of preparation and careful planning.


Information Literacy, Disciplinarity, and New Knowledge

Drs. Clarence Maybee, Karen Kaufmann, Virginia Tucker (l. to r.).

Published: January 16, 2024 by Dr. Virginia Tucker

A community of researcher-educators began meeting regularly several years ago for conversations around the disciplinarity of information literacy. The co-facilitators are Dr. Clarence Maybee, Professor and W. Wayne Booker Endowed Chair in Information Literacy, Purdue University, and Dr. Karen Kaufmann, Assistant Professor, School of Information, University of South Florida. The community has come to be called ILIAD, for Information Literacy is a Discipline, as it examines aspects of a discipline as discussed in the literature, such as having a code of ethics, modes of inquiry, scholarly


iSchool Alumnus Named North Dakota’s Librarian of the Year

Aaron Stefanich

The North Dakota Library Association has chosen a standout alumnus from the San José State University School of Information for its prestigious title of Librarian of the Year. Aaron Stefanich received the award that recognizes individuals who have made “outstanding contributions to the North Dakota library profession.” For Stefanich, being recognized as Librarian of the Year “is humbling, because I know so many other North Dakota librarians who deserve the award.”

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Interview with Bridging Knowledge Scholar: Molly Ouellette

Molly Ouellette

Published: December 3, 2023 by Kesheena Doctor

I was first introduced to the iSchool while researching scholarship opportunities for Native American students. As part of an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded grant, the iSchool partnered with the Alaska Library Network, the American Indian Library Association, and the Alaska State Library to form the scholarship program, Bridging Knowledge: Supporting Indigenous Scholars into the Field of Librarianship.

Community Profile

Archiving Special Collections at SJSU with Kate Steffens

Kate Steffens at the SJSU Annual Author and Artist Celebration with her most recent book.

“It’s a really great team and we all really get along and complement each other’s work and you know, try and do a lot of outreach together and work on projects together. I know having been part of a group called CSU Archivists, how lucky I am to be at San José State because there are quite a few people in the system who are like the lone archivist with no student assistants and no other people helping them. So having four people feels like an army to me.”

San José, CA 
Kate Steffens, ‘19 MLIS 


Bridging Knowledge Scholars Travel to Oklahoma for ATALM Conference

Brandon Castle at 2023 ATALM Conference

Nine graduate students from the San José State University School of Information attended the 2023 International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, and Museums (ATALM), which was held in Oklahoma City. The students are part of the Institute for Museum and Library Services grant-funded Bridging Knowledge project that aims to support “Indigenous librarians and contribute to growing a diverse and skilled professional workforce.”

Community Profile

Organizing Archives with Sereen Suleiman

Sereen Suleiman

“That’s the beauty of the Library and Information Science profession. It’s a very versatile field. You don’t have to work specifically in a library to apply your skill set. You don’t even have to be known as a librarian. You could have a title such as Information Architect or Taxonomist to apply your skills into practice, and that’s an amazing feeling to know that if you don’t get into a library, it’s not the end of the world.”

Sereen Suleiman
SJSU MLIS, December 2023

Community Profile

Becoming an Instruction Librarian with Michael Stephens 

Dr. Michael Stephens

“Now I like to say it’s a class in humanism and library services masquerading as a technology class because we do a lot with technology, but it really, really is about making connections with people. And how we might help them and serve their needs to live good lives in whatever information environment these folks are in.”

Michael Stephens 
SJSU iSchool Professor 

Community Profile

The Person Behind The Posts: Meet iSchool Social Media Coordinator Sonia Belasco

Sonia Belasco

“These different apps and social media channels evolve, but I think their importance is often underestimated. The truth is that social media is how most people are getting most of their information. And particularly in an online program, where you don’t have that kind of face-to-face interaction as much as you would if you were in person, it’s an opportunity to build community between people and also to connect them to resources and information.”

Sonia Belasco, ‘22 MLIS 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Symposium Recap of “Juneteenth Celebrates Freedom!”
2023 Juneteenth Symposium

Symposium Recap of “Juneteenth Celebrates Freedom!”

Published: August 22, 2023 by Eori Tokunaga

As part of the national celebration of Juneteenth 2023, the San José State University iSchool hosted its second annual symposium on June 20, 2023, titled “Juneteenth Celebrates Freedom!” After a brief introduction, Dr. Anthony Chow passed the microphone over to professional storyteller, consultant, and writer Binnie Tate Wilkin who served as the keynote speaker for last year’s symposium.

Community Profile

Checking out BookTok with Mychal Threets

Mychal Threets

“I think we just have fun with it. Me and the people who work on Library TikTok pride ourselves on embracing the cringe. I think as more and more people see library coworkers having fun with TikTok, you’ll see them start to submit ideas or be willing to participate themselves.”

Mychal Threets, ‘18 MLIS
Fairfield, California

Community Profile

Documenting Black Librarianship with Selena Lee and Katie Perry

Katherine Perry and Selena Lee Poster Presenters

“Having Selena as a partner in this research made it 1000 times easier and better and it made it easier to accept the help, too. So really lean on your partners in your internship and your learning experience and your research. This research is going to help define our careers in the future.”

Katie Perry, ‘23 MLIS
Selena Lee, MLIS (expected May 2024)

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Symposium Recap of “Ukrainian Libraries During the Wartime: A Year in Review”

Dr. Ulia Gosart

Published: June 29, 2023 by Eori Tokunaga

The San José State University iSchool presented a symposium on April 5, 2023 about how Ukranian libraries and librarians have persisted for more than a year of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The free online event opened up with introductions by iSchool Director Dr. Anthony Chow, Ukrainian-English translator Oleksii Deikun, and Assistant Professor Dr. Ulia Gosart, who hosted a moment of silence for all the individual lives that have been taken by the war.

Community Profile

Muppets and MLIS Mayhem with SLASC President Lauren Kime

“Being a part of that production, and post-production, seeing the full scale of what it takes to not only write something and have it approved but also get it produced, and then all the marketing that goes into it and all of the appearances and promotions and everything, it’s definitely changed the way that I view puppetry as a whole… because there’s just so much more to it than just someone sticking their hand into a puppet and making it talk.”

Lauren Kime, MLIS/DAM Certificate December 2023 
Los Angeles, CA

Career Blog

Should Librarians Be Worried About Artificial Intelligence?

Robot hand touching human hand

Published: May 29, 2023 by Hannah Nguyen

As new technology emerges, there is often a discussion about how librarian’s roles will change in relation to it. This conversation has become especially relevant with the introduction of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools. These innovations are certainly going to affect America’s workforce, and librarians are no exception to this. But what are the opportunities and risks? Should we be worried?


Faculty Selects MLIS Graduating Student for Top Honor
Max Gonzalez Burdick Named Ken Haycock Award Winner

Max Gonzalez Burdick

Max Gonzalez Burdick, a graduating student in the Master of Library and Information Science program at the San José State University School of Information, has received the 2023 Ken Haycock Award and served as the iSchool’s student speaker during the May 19 virtual convocation. The Ken Haycock Award is given annually to an MLIS student who “exhibits the most exceptional professional promise for leadership.” Burdick was nominated for the prestigious award by the iSchool faculty and received $1,000 and a citation.