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Published: December 3, 2018 by Priscilla Ameneyro

I thought it would be fun to look back at all the articles I wrote as the lead writer for the iStudent Blog over the last year or so and share my favorites with you. I’ve had the opportunity to interview students, alumni and faculty and write about topics ranging from student loans to setting goals. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my articles and found them helpful too. Here are my must-read posts for all iSchool students:

Student Finances

Being a student brings a unique set of financial challenges, from figuring out how to apply for a student loan to filing your taxes. Check out the four posts below for advice on how to navigate your finances as a student.

Academic Success

One of the great things about writing for this blog is getting to meet people at the iSchool through interviews. The two articles below share tips and advice from faculty and students to bolster your academic success. 


Let’s be real, the main reason we’re at the iSchool is to boost our careers! I wrote several posts about how to bulk up your resume through doing internships and taking advantage of other opportunities at the iSchool like joining a student group.

The 10 posts highlighted here are just a handful of what you’ll find on the iStudent Blog. I’ve written many other articles on all aspects of the student experience, and you’ll also find posts written by my predecessors. The iStudent Blog is a place to find information about classes, online learning and career pathways, as well as what’s happening at the iSchool. New posts are featured on the School of Information homepage and you can also add the blog to an RSS feeder so you never miss a post!


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