iSchool Announces Program Coordinator for Bachelor’s Degree Hybrid Program

Dr. Dan Nathan-Roberts

Dr. Dan Nathan-Roberts recently joined the San José State University School of Information’s faculty in a new capacity. In addition to his role as an associate professor, he will serve as the school’s program coordinator for the in-person/hybrid section of the Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Data Analytics degree, which is slated to begin in fall 2024.

Nathan-Roberts previously worked as an associate professor of Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering for San José State University and has also worked as a health care researcher for the university.

Nathan-Roberts earned his PhD in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2012. His post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison focused on home healthcare informatics. Some of his research interests include human-computer interaction, human factors, UX, and web design.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Data Analytics degree is an undergraduate program that prepares students for working with data, technology and people. Students in the program will attain skills that are applicable to a variety of careers, including data analytics, software development, digital curation, data security, user interaction, information architecture, and more. The major is one of San Jose State University’s newer bachelor’s degree options and is available as a four-year program for freshmen and as a two-year program for transfer students.