CSU Fee Waiver


CSU Fee Waiver

If you are a CSU employee, or dependent/spouse of a CSU employee, and interested in a fee waiver, please follow the five steps below:

  1. Contact your campus fee waiver coordinator to determine if you are eligible for a CSU tuition fee waiver and to coordinate paperwork.
  2. Apply to Regular Session. The CSU fee waiver does not cover Special Session courses. [see application deadlines].
  3. Enter your CSU ID number when prompted on the CalState Apply application.
  4. You must email Cynthia Nanquil in Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations to inform their office that you have applied and you are CSU tuition fee waiver eligible. In the email, please include your name, CSU campus, and SJSU id number/application number. 
  5. Have an HR staff member email Cynthia Naquil with confirmation of your CSU employee or dependent/spouse status by the established document deadline.

**Please note this email is only to inform Graduate Admission & Program Evaluations that you are going through the tuition fee waiver process to appropriately code your application. Their office is not responsible in any manner for the CSU tuition fee waiver process or paperwork.

**The CSU tuition fee waiver does not cover Special Session. When enrolling in a course, make sure it is Regular Session.