Designing and Implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Strategy and Governance Initiative: A Case Study

Webcast Rob McLauchlin

Electronic record collections are no longer an area of specialized expertise, but rather a dominant part of record manager’s professional life. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and the ability to access and analyze core information are of strategic importance in an information and process-driven business environment. This case study describes the creation of a focused Enterprise Content Management Strategy and Governance initiative at a major oil and gas exploration and production organization with operations in North and South America, Europe, Kurdistan and South East Asia. The strategy designed to support the priorities of senior management, which included hydrocarbon identification, global finance, supply management and asset performance management – required the development of an ECM Roadmap for unstructured data. The presenter will discuss program development, implementation, and progress made toward meeting document requirements associated with information needs in the areas of regulatory/legal compliance as well as many business drivers.