How to Create a Credible Retention Schedule and Information Governance Package

Webcast Fred V. Diers


Retention Schedules have been the foundation on which every Records Management Program has built over the past 60 years. Yet, after all of this time, most organization’s retention schedules are either out of date, not based on actual government regulations, too complicated for the average employee to use or understand, addresses only paper records, or ignored by management. Yet, with a realistic and sustainable retention schedule for all information media, organizations can access information easily, reduce information volumes, be compliant and link to other governance policies including E-mail, Back-up Media, Legacy System, Hold Orders, and Orphan Files to reduce risk from litigation, government investigations, and audits. To understand the processes involved in developing a compliant and fact-based retention schedule for the enterprise, the presenter will provide proven steps that need to be accomplished to have a retention schedule that becomes part of the overall executive management governance program. This session will include data collection activities, international and domestic regulatory research and combining these elements into taxonomies, retention and associated governance policies.

Monday, November 14, 2011
: 1:00pm - 2:00pm Pacific Time
Location: Live from Jersey City, New Jersey, using Elluminate 
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