A Day in the Life of a Library Leader
Sustainable Thinking for the Future of Libraries

Webcast Rebekkah Smith Aldrich

Sustainability is now a core value of the profession but what does that actually mean? Get in on the ground floor of one of the most important issues facing our local and global communities with the co-chair of the American Library Association’s Special Task Force on Sustainability. From getting a better understanding of basic concepts such as “sustainable thinking” and the “triple bottom line” of sustainability to practical, applicable ideas in the field, this session will provide an introduction to help prepare you to become a leader on the topic of sustainability in your library and for your community. If not you, then who?

This free webcast is part of the 3rd Annual Leadership Series on pursuing a career in leadership as an information professional organized by the co-chairs of the iSchool’s Leadership and Management Program Advisory Committee, Drs. Susan Alman, Deborah Hicks, and Cheryl Stenstrom.