Diversity for Representation
MARA Guest Lecture

Webcast Dr. Aisha Johnson

Students, alumni and guests are invited to attend this joint webinar with MARA and the CPGE Academic EDI Committee, featuring Dr. Aisha Johnson.

Abstract: Dr. Aisha Johnson will discuss her path to librarianship, archives, and discovery of the Julius Rosenwald Library Fund. Her title, The African American Struggle for Library Equality: The Untold Story of the Julius Rosenwald Fund Library Program, unveils the almost forgotten philanthropic efforts of Julius Rosenwald, former president of Sears, Roebuck, Co., and an elite businessman. Rosenwald simply desired to improve “the well-being of mankind” through access to education. The talk will extend into a discussion on the need for diversity for adequate representation in libraries and archives to provide service to all people. A talk on the impact of diversity, equity, and inclusion.