Career Questions Amidst the Health Crisis: You’re Not Alone

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Published: April 12, 2020 by Greta Snyder

Career questions? Then, you’ve come to the right place:  this blog is dedicated to providing resources for current students, recent graduates and practicing professionals. I hope you and your loved ones and community are staying as healthy and safe as possible during this scary, challenging and unpredictable time. If you feel like you’re on your own that’s totally natural anytime and especially right now amidst the Covid-19 crisis. Keep assured that you’re not alone and you’ve got a strong system of virtual support through SJSU iSchool. Reach out to the faculty and staff if you are impacted and have questions about best practices for your organization or how to keep up balancing work, life and coursework during this time. And keep up to date with career advice, job hunting and virtual work strategies and online career development opportunities through the Career Blog. I’m here for you!

Free Online Career Workshops

An amazing resource to take advantage of during this time is the free, online iSchool Career Workshops with, iSchool Career Consultant Jill Klees. Check out the archives and if you missed last month’s workshop “Career Coaching Office Hours” this post will catch you up and help you to start thinking of questions for the next workshop slated to be May 6, 2020 5-6pm PT. While things are in flux and we’re in a state of constant change, one thing remains the same:  the iSchool is here to support you as a student and in your career development. Look forward to a recap of the April Workshop on Cover Letters posting to the blog soon.

Career Coaching Office Hour Recap

Klees loves hosting the career coaching office hour as her favorite thing to do is answer student questions. So, bring them on. As you read this post start thinking of questions and email me or Klees and start a list for the next Career Workshop. First of all, students asked fantastic, really interesting questions during the workshop which made it dynamic and really demonstrated Klees’ breadth of expertise and ability to offer advice on any topic. Here are just a few of the excellent topics Klees and students brought up during the workshop and some advice and resources:

  • What if you get a job offer but feel like the compensation is not enough?
    • Go with what feels comfortable.
    • It never hurts to ask and present your skills as adding value.
  • Should you design a creative resume?
    • Klees recommends to not do this unless you’re applying for a creative position.
    • The average individual in human resources reviewing your resume takes only 6 seconds!
    • Use clean line and job description key words as a guide; think reading left to right.
    • Email Klees to review your resume; read my experience remodeling my resume here.
    • Check out iSchool resume tips and resources.
  • Be visible and plan to get looked up!
    • Update your LinkedIn: make sure it accurately represents you.
    • Read my post on updating my LinkedIn and the benefits of LinkedIn
    • Make sure to indicate on your profile that you’re actively job searching.
    • Connect on Twitter with places you’d like to work or institutions/organizations you’re interested in. Read some advice here.
  • Cover Letters:  More soon…
    • Klees is planning to do a workshop on cover letters soon so stay posted!
    • Always use the job posting as your guide.
    • Keep it to 3 paragraphs: start with an introduction, then how you can do the role, and then why you would be a great addition to the team.
    • Check out iSchool Cover Letter resources here.
  • Informational Interviews
    • Challenge yourself to reach out to iSchool alumni or practicing professionals for informational interviews.
    • Meet for coffee or schedule a phone call and ask permission.
    • As information professionals we love sharing our work and connecting with others; so reach out and make connections.

Final thoughts

In addition to all the invaluable coursework, the iSchool provides so many additional career resources and development opportunities outside the classroom, here are a few top ways to get started:

  • Day in the Life of a Leader – Emily Drabinski – Webinar - free, online – April 15th at 1 pm – request participation here
  • Pick up on insider insights via Career Podcasts with the infinitely inspirational Kim Dority; read the post here.
  • Get involved with student groups, internships and independent studies; read the post here.
  • Check out all the SJSU iSchool career development resources.
  • Keep reading this iSchool Career Blog; subscribe to the RSS feed.
  • Email me for advice from a student perspective; I love sharing everything I’ve learned.
  • If you graduated this Summer 2019, Fall 2019 or will be this Spring 2020 – let’s get together at the iSchool Virtual Synchronous Graduation Celebration – May 19, 2020 5pm PT - email me to participate in the graduate video – we’d love to celebrate you!

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