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Published: September 15, 2020 by iSchool Career Advisor

There are a lot of blogs out there for MARA students! This list is a good jumping off point for exploring the archives world.

If you read last week’s post and thought, hey what about archives/MARA, then this is for you! The same general thoughts apply:

  • when beginning in a new career (or perhaps furthering a career), there’s a lot of new information to absorb;
  • taking the relatively easy step of adding in some new material to a Feedly (RSS aggregator) means that you are able to slide new information sources into your daily reading routine;
  • RSS feeds, following a social media account, or adding an email subscription to a blog can save time.

Here are 10 archives blogs you should add to your news feed.

  1. Archives Gig
    Meredith Lowe runs this site and generally posts daily, Monday-Friday. This is not a blog of essays or articles, but rather a blog of jobs and internships in the world of archives and records management.
  2. ArchivesAWARE!
    This blog is hosted by the Society of American Archivists (SAA) and was recently established “to create an online space where professionals and students engaged in all aspects of archival work could share their experiences of and ideas for raising public awareness of archives and the value that archives and archivists add to business, government, education, and society as a whole” (via). Even though SAA runs it, they welcome submission ideas, so it might be a good avenue for you to explore if you want to get some articles published. SAA also has Off the Record, a blog mostly about association business.
  3. ArchivesBlogs
    Now this is interesting. ArchivesBlogs collects online content from blogs written about, by, and for archivists. It’s constantly updated and sortable by language – 8 different ones! You could be overwhelmed, or you could view it as “one stop shopping” and thank the internet.
  4. iStudent Blog
    The iStudent Blog is hosted on the iSchool website and written by a current student. Posts cover a range of topics, from tips for new students to where to get bumper stickers to how Dr. Sandra Hirsh spends her days.
  5. iSchool MARA Blog
    Like the iStudent blog, this one is hosted by the school but written by a current MARA student. Posts cover all things MARA, with interesting discussions including one that connected President Obama’s retirement and new students; another suggested summer projects, and a third marked July 4th with a post about our freedom of information.
  6. iSchool Curriculum Center
    This is one of the most important resources for students. Dr. Linda Main provides timely, hyper-useful information about class schedules, registration information, and everything related. She also quickly answers questions in the comments, so it’s a good resource for iSchool students to keep an eye on.
  7. iSchool Career Blog
    Students and the iSchool Career Advisor post on topics you’ll wnat to read about here. We share advice and resources, link to social media and relevant content on the web, professional organizations, and student groups. Basically, no matter what program you’re in, this blog is here to help you network, build your career, and find jobs you love.
  8. Entrepreneur: Networking
    So when it comes to networking, do you, like so many students, think of it as a dirty word? It’s not, not really, and Entrepreneur’s networking articles make it feel much more approachable. Obviously, the information isn’t specific to archives, but the topics covered are applicable to most career paths.
  9. L’archivista
    L’archivista is written by a working electronic records archivist, Bonnie Weddle. “In it you’ll find information about electronic records issues, government transparency, open records laws, archival security, New York State history, and other abiding concerns” as well as the occasional travel or personal post. She seems really knowledgeable, her posts are well-written, and she has a long list of other interesting blogs in her right sidebar.
  10. National Archives blogs
    Or, 17 for the price of 1! The National Archives maintains all of them “in the interest of sharing more information with the public about our activities. They also exist as a channel for the public to respond to news, upcoming events, and proposed projects.” There is a wide variety to choose from, so you’re sure to find something(s) interesting!

Whew! It turns out there are a lot of blogs out there for MARA students! You will find this list helpful, interesting, and a good jumping off point for exploring the archives world. Add these to your regular routine and start soaking up all the information that’s out there.

What’s in your news feed?  What are your favorite sources for school or archives news? Share in the comments section below.


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