Career Environments - Working in Different LIS Settings

Are you asking: Where can I best use the skills I will develop in my MLIS program? What are the different work environments where my skills might be needed and wanted? What is it like working in different LIS environments, institutions, companies?

To find out, take a careful look at the three different Career Environment sections developed by the iSchool:

Working in Academic Libraries
Working in Public Libraries
Working in Special Libraries or Information Centers

The Career Environment pages expand on the Career Pathways by offering information and very specific details about what it is actually like to work in a specific LIS environment and the possible jobs and roles/responsibilities available. This information can help you focus your own career direction decisions. Each Career Environment section includes details about:

  • Types of Libraries
  • Job Titles and Responsibilities
  • Salaries
  • Sample Job Postings
  • How to Gain Experience
  • Applying and Interviewing Tips
  • Voices from the Field