Career Direction Research


Career Direction Research

Do you know what kinds of jobs are available in the Library and Information Science (LIS) field? The possibilities are almost endless and continue to change and expand each year. The world of LIS is a constantly changing, exciting, and dynamic world. The delivery of information continues to become more and more technology-driven, making technology-based skill sets marketable and in-demand. Gathering information about the LIS world of employment opportunities will help you better understand how you can focus and use your LIS degree.

1. Learn about career trends for information professionals in our school’s MLIS Skills at Work: A Snapshot of Job Postings report regarding changing job titles and job responsibilities.

2. Read Job Postings. Become familiar with the desired and required skills that employers seek. Get a sense of what is possible in the LIS field. Identify what you need to do to position yourself for these jobs after graduation or in the future.

3. Network with people in the field to identify available opportunities. Talk with people who have been where you are today and who are willing to share their stories, experiences, and insight.

  • Read about what other LIS students and graduates are doing with their degrees.
  • Meet iSchool Faculty. Read the web pages and biographies of iSchool faculty to get a sense of their backgrounds. Network with them to learn more about the field and how they got where they are today. Email faculty with your questions.
  • Find SJSU iSchool alumni and learn about the many different places they work. The Alumni Career Spotlights and Facebook page (are valuable resources to get feedback from MLIS graduates.
  • Listen to online presentations in the iSchool Webcast series. Use the On Demand Webcast archive to find recorded presentations that explore different career areas in LIS. Contact webcast presenters if you have specific questions.
  • Research internships and assistantships to see what types of opportunities appeal to you. What about the setting, the clients, and the job function do you find interesting?

 5. Join and get involved with professional associations. This is another excellent way to network, learn about opportunities, and gain information about the LIS field. Many associations have local chapters that offer local events, where you can meet face-to-face with professionals and chat about career options.

6. Get connected and involved with one of the many SJSU iSchool student associations. Get involved. The experience you gain can be used on your resume. Options include:

7. Take and explore a variety of classes.