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6 Faculty are informed about emerging technologies and the selection and use of new tools.

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T3 Workshops
The iSchool T3 ( Teaching Tips and Techniques) Teaching Workshops series was introduced during the Fall 2012 semester as a tool to help faculty learn about the latest technologies, learn from colleagues, and save time teaching and engaging students in learning. The online sessions are led by iSchool colleagues and librarians who have found interesting ways to use existing services and technologies. Bethany Winslow, our School’s  Director of  Online Learning, and Dr. Sue Alman, iSchool Lecturer, coordinate the T3 Teaching Workshops.

Three one-hour sessions are offered to all faculty during each semester and summer, with an online evaluation survey done at the end of each presentation. Completion of the online T3 survey captures feedback from each participant who attends a live workshop or views a recording of the session. The completed form is also used to gather data regarding the number of participants. Survey respondents provide suggestions for future T3 workshop topics. Faculty are required to attend at least one session or view a recording during each semester they teach. This requirement was approved by our School’s Director and added to the minimum instructional expectations for all iSchool faculty. 

Tech Tips
Each month, the Director of Online Learning distributes a new issue of the Tech Tips newsletter/blog to all faculty members who are currently teaching. This newsletter features articles on effectively incorporating technology into online teaching and learning.

Quality Assurance Program
The university’s eCampus Office of Quality Assurance (EOQA) provides training to faculty members each year. One of the areas the training addresses is implementation of innovative technologies. All faculty members have the opportunity to apply to participate. Successful applicants receive a stipend for participation.

Software for Faculty
The university provides a number of software programs for faculty to use in an effort to implement technology effectively in their teaching. These include the Adobe Creative Suite and TechSmith’s Camtasia and Snagit.

Canvas Resources and Training
The university and the School of Information provide support for using the Canvas learning management system. Materials include guides and videos:

eCampus Workshops and Events
The university offers a series of workshops on a variety of educational technologies. Many of the workshops are held online and are thus available to all of the iSchool faculty regardless of location.

School of Information Instructional Software Resources
The iSchool’s Faculty Handbook contains a section on instructional tools. Some sections, such as the one on Panopto, feature extensive documentation and tutorials for faculty.

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