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Published: August 21, 2019 by Greta Snyder

Okay, so the summer was busy. No matter if you were working tons of hours, applying for jobs, taking classes, or attempting to finally do some self-care and binge watch your favorite series, go for a hike, or just relax (what’s that again?) you were trying to stay focused in the world-record heat. With fall about to kick in, don’t stress, just find strategic ways to catch up. That’s why I put together a June and July SJSU iSchool News and Blogs highlight reel. So, get smart, and watch this quick recap video, read the overview below and click on stories that will inspire you to keep pushing forward with your education and career.

Stay updated to get ahead

Want to stay ahead of the curve at SJSU iSchool and in your MLIS Career? Then, read the news and follow the blogs.

Been missing out? Don’t worry, check out these summertime highlights from:


June and July offered so much to celebrate. Like scholarships – you should definitely read the full articles to hear student stories and find out about opportunities for yourself.

The news also featured some impressive faculty honors. Congrats to Dr. Michele Villagran, awarded grant for special project: Examination of Cultural Intelligence within Academic Law Librarians, and to Dr. Bill Fisher, inducted into SLA Hall of Fame. In addition, read more about exciting, well-deserved faculty promotions for Dr. Kristen Rebmann promoted from associate to full professor, Dr. Michelle Chen recently tenured promoted from assistant to associate professor, and Dr. Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca also recently tenured and promoted from assistant to associate professor.

A few other choice highlights from the news:

Career Blog

This blog, the career blog, is a must-read for students and job seekers and it is written by current iSchool MLIS student, Greta Snyder (that’s me). Here are some top reads from June & July:

iStudent Blog

All students need to check out the iStudent blog for resources and advice. It is written by current iSchool student Havilah Steinman. A few top stories from this summer:


Hello, MARA students and any LIS student or professional interested in archives and records management, this blog is for you. The blog is run by MARA Program Coordinator Dr. Patricia Franks and features posts by students. June and July offered some very interesting reads:


CIRI is the Center for Information Research & Innovation at SJSU and focuses on fostering LIS research to benefit a global audience. How cool is that? This blog is run by CIRI coordinator Dr. Lili Lou. This summer featured exciting news that Dr. Anthony Bernier was awarded a prestigious ALA diversity grant to study the experience of iSchool first generation students. Find out more about results & future directions of his innovative research here.

Final notes

Thanks for reading this post and watching the video; look forward to August recap and stay posted on the news and blogs at in the “News & Events” section. Are you excited about starting a new job, jumping into the Fall semester, or looking for more info on any hot career topics? Let’s connect; I’d love to meet you! Please comment below, email me, Tweet at me, or message me on LinkedIn.

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