Writing Resources for Instructors


Writing Resources for Instructors

Responding to Student Writing

The following websites include tips on how to communicate your expectations to students, design assignments that prompt clear writing, and respond to student work in a constructive manner. Some of the sites also include steps instructors can take to preempt plagiarism.

  • Yale College Writing Center.
  • Harvard University’s A Brief Guide to Responding to Student Writing [PDF] - Three-page paper covering the principles of responding to student writing, ideas about how to read a student paper, tips on writing the marginal and final comments, and 10 strategies for responding to student writing more effectively.

Designing Assignments

Sample Rubrics for Student Writing

Publishing Opportunities for Instructors and Students

LIS Publications Wiki (Library and Information Science) – Want to publish your writing? This wiki gathers information about publications you might want to write for — whether you want to reach your colleagues or your communities.