CIRI Blog Overview


CIRI Blog Overview

iSchool faculty members have their own blog to share updates on their research projects, innovative ideas for advancing online teaching and learning, experiences with emerging technologies, thoughts on research methods, and whatever else is percolating in their minds. It’s a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge.

New posts are published monthly. We encourage you to visit the blog often and share your comments.  

In the most recent blog post, Dr. José Aguiñaga discussed his research agenda centering around academic libraries, organizational culture and EDI. Read Dr. Aguiñaga’s blog post on CIRI Blog.

“As I developed my RSCA agenda during my 1st semester at the iSchool, I have focused on academic libraries, organizational culture, and EDI since March 2020. These findings may shed new insights into what is happening with academic libraries since the pandemic has caused societal and medical paradigm shifts across higher education.” - Dr. José Aguiñaga