CIRI Blog Overview


CIRI Blog Overview

iSchool faculty members have their own blog to share updates on their research projects, innovative ideas for advancing online teaching and learning, experiences with emerging technologies, thoughts on research methods, and whatever else is percolating in their minds. It’s a treasure trove of inspiration and knowledge.

New posts are published monthly. We encourage you to visit the blog often and share your comments.  

In the most recent blog post, Jennifer Sweeney provided an overview of her section of INFO 285 Applied Research Methods, which focuses on evaluating programs and services. Read Jennifer’s blog post on CIRI Blog.

“It’s a challenging course, for certain. Students seem to appreciate the mix of practical with theoretical. It is a surface-level introduction to a lot of research vocabulary rather than a deep dive into a specific area, which I think gives students the ability to understand more of the literature.  Some students have been inspired to continue into a doctoral program as a result of the course, which is nice to hear! ” - Jennifer Sweeney