Olena Stovba
Director of the Municipal Institution Nikopol City Centralized Library System

Olena Stovba

Olena Stovba is the director of the municipal institution “Nikopol City Centralized Library System.” She has been working at the municipal institution “Nikopol City Centralized Library System” since 1989, after graduating from the Kharkiv State Institute of Culture as a librarian-bibliographer of fiction. 

Over the years, she has worked her way up from a librarian to the director of the library. In 1994, she became the head of a branch library, and since 1999, as the head of the methodological department of the CLS. She has been implementing many socio-cultural projects and programs, participating in competitions and grants with the staff. In 2006, she launched the quarterly “Library Orbit of Nikopol Region”, which covered the most prominent events in the library life of the city. It has become an important source of materials for the professional development of local community librarians.

Since 2014, she has been the head of the Nikopol City Centralized Library System. The period of formation of libraries as modern information centers, public spaces, and indeed the third place in a person’s life after home and work has begun. During this time, they have implemented four projects of the “Participatory Budget”(participatory budgeting), the “Accessible City” program (installation of wheelchair ramps in three libraries), won in foreign grant-providing competitions (GIZ Society, Federal Government of Germany), which allowed them to replenish the library development budget by almost UAH 1 million 300 thousand (approx. 33 thousand US dollars).

Stovba is an active champion for the positive development of the city and pays special attention to the modernization and reconstruction of the premises of the Central Library System. She considers the activities of libraries to be an integral part of the community, with a high-quality document collection, a developed structure of library services, capable staff, new modern equipment, and facilities.

Furthermore, Stovba is the author of publications in the scientific and industrial magazine “Library Planet” in 2023. She is constantly working to improve her professional level.