Svitlana Kravchenko
Head of Scientific and Methodical Department, Yaroslav Mudryi National Library of Ukraine


I am 47. I received a professional education (Tulchyn School of Culture, now the Professional College of Culture, Kyiv State University of Culture and Arts, now the National University of Culture and Arts). At first, I started my career at the library as a 2nd category methodologist, afterwards worked as a category 1 methodologist, a leading methodologist, and a chief librarian having been managing the department since June 2022.

In my professional life, one of the most crucial events was partaking in the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School program “Development Strategies for Librarians” (2016). My professional interests entail public libraries’ activities, promotion of reading, analysis of library statistics, etc.

Due to my duties, I communicate a lot with librarians from all the regions of Ukraine, learn a lot from my colleagues as well as strive to share my experience. One of my favorite things is growing flowers which calms and inspires me especially during Russian shelling. In terms of my disadvantages, I am not that good at driving, yet I promise you to improve my skills presently.