Svitlana Moiseeva
Director of the Luhans’k Regional Universal Scientific Library, Vice-president of Ukrainian Library Association

Svitlana Moiseeva

Svitlana Moiseeva started her professional career in 1987 in the Luhans’k Regional Universal Library, where she still works. Over the years, she have made her professional way from a librarian to library manager. She have been the head of this library since 2017.

Moiseeva received her professional education at the Kharkiv State Institute of Culture (now the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture) in 1996.

Since 2016, she has been working in the leadership of Ukrainian Library Association, which allows her to develop as a professional and influence on development processes of libraries in Ukraine.

The sphere of her professional interests: processes of library automation and information technologies, strategic management of the libraries. From 2004 to 2014, she headed the direction of automation library processes of Luhans’k Regional Universal Scientific Library. For 10 years, they managed to fully automate the library and get rid of paper technologies in their work.

Unfortunately, in 2014, all this stopped due to Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine. Part of the Luhans’k oblast’ and Luhansk City were occupied, quasi-republics under the control of the Russian Federation were formed there. Moiseeva had to leave the Luhans’k and evacuated to the small city in the north of the Luhans’k region – Starobilsk. At that time, she worked as a deputy director.

The library building, all library resources and possessions of which they were proud remained in Luhans’k. They were able to take away only the founding documents. They started all over in Starobilsk, where they resumed the work of their library almost from scratch. This became possible thanks to the creative team of librarians who join to organization of the renew Luhans’k regional library, which they developed under the “Good Library” brand. During eight years of work, they collected a new book, introduced innovations and shared them with colleagues throughout Ukraine.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine destroyed their library for the second time. Starobilsk was occupied, and they left occupied territory again. Now their library relocated to the Cherkasy City. 

As for Moiseeva, the library is not walls, but people: the team and users. Since 2022, their library has been operating in the “Wandering Library” format. They work online and conduct various activities in different cities of Ukraine. They believe that their work is a brick in the future victory of Ukraine and the future returning to their home in Luhans’k.