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Faculty Research and Innovation Updates

Dr. Michelle Chen Publishes Article on Librarians’ Information Visualization Skills


Dr. Chen’s most recent publication explores information visualization skills for academic librarians:

Dr. Michael Stephens’ New Publication Discusses Professional Development for Library Staff


Co-authored with two iSchool students, Dr. Stephens’ recent article, titled “Technology, Collaboration, and Learning: Perceptions and Effectiveness of US Public Library Staff Professional Development“, was published in Library Leadership and Management. This study investigated the preferences and perceptions of professional development (PD) activities for public library staff. 

Dr. Tonia San Nicolas-Rocca Publishes New Research on Cloud-based Technologies and Information Security


Dr. San Nicolas-Rocca’s recent journal publications continue to center on her research about information security and health informatics. 

Dr. Virginia Tucker Publishes New Research on Learning and Knowledge Management


Dr. Tucker’s recent research discussed how information professionals learn:

Her upcoming publication will appear in IFLA Jounral, focusing on taxonomy design in knowledge management. 

Director of Online Learning Debbie Faires Co-authors New Book


iSchool’s Director of Online Learning Debbie Faires is a co-author of the recently published book:

She worked with members of the SJSU School of Social Work on the project discussed in this book. This book provides an analysis of international practice methods which can be used by developing countries to develop their own professional and educational infrastructures.

Dr. Anthony Bernier Publishes on Young Adult Services and Library History


Dr. Bernier’s recent publications continue to focus on his area of expertise – young adult services and library history.  

  • Bernier, A., (Ed.). (2020). Transforming Young Adult Services, Second EditionALA Editions.
  • Bernier, A. (2019). Review of A. Crawford, (Ed.). The meaning of the library: A cultural history. Princeton University Press, 2015. In Libraries: Culture, History, and Society 3, no. 1, 117-119.
  • Bernier, A. (2018). A portable library history. In Haycock, K., and Romaniuk, M.. (Eds.). The portable MLIS: Insights from the experts, Second EditionSanta Barbara, California: Libraries Unlimited, pages 11-27.
  • Bernier, A. (2018). Review of A. Black. Libraries of light: British public library design in the long 1960s. Routledge, 2017. In Libraries: Culture, History, and Society 2, no. 1, 97-100.

Dr. Bernier was also elected as the Chair of American Library Association (ALA)’s Library History Round Table (2019-2021). 

Dr. Deborah Hicks Presents Research on Information Behavior and Professional Identity


Dr. Hicks’ recent conference presentations highlighted her research on information behavior and professional identity. 

Dr. Mary Ann Harlan Publishes New Research on Children’s Literature and School Librarianship


Dr. Harlan’s recently published research on children’s literature and school librarianship includes two book chapters and a conference presentation. 

  • Harlan, M. (2019). Students or Learners? Conceptualizing Youth in School Libraries. In Transforming youth services, 2nd. Ed. A. Berneir. ALA Neal-Schuman.
  • Harlan, M. (2019) Girls Constructed in Two Non-Fiction Texts: Sexual Subject? Desired Object? In The Girl in Text. Ed. Ann Smith New York: Berghahn Books
  • Harlan, M. (2019)  Fiction as Information: A Look at Reading as Information Source. Paper presented at the 2019 International School Library Association Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

She also wrote an essay for SJSU’s Student Research Journal, titled “Challenging Girlhood“.

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Present at Conferences about Librarianship, LIS Education, and New Technology


Dr. Hirsh’s recent conference presentations cover a variety of topics – library and information science education, government data management, children’s librarianship, Blockchain technology, and leadership. Here is a selected of her recent conference presentations:

  • Information Science Education and Library and Information Studies Education: Transnational Conversations. (2019, October). Refereed panel presented at the 82nd Association for Information Science & Technology Annual Meeting, Melbourne, Australia.
  • U.S. State and State Capital Open Government Data (OGD): A Content Examination and Heuristic Evaluation of Data Processing Capabilities of OGD Sites. (2019, October). Refereed paper presented at the 82nd Association for Information Science & Technology Annual Meeting, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Leadership During Organizational Restructuring of LIS Programs (2019, September). Refereed paper presented on a panel at the 2019 ALISE Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN.  
  • Leadership Academy: Work/Life Balance. (2019, September). Invited paper presented at the 2019 ALISE Annual Meeting, Knoxville, TN. 
  • Emerging Technologies for Libraries: Smart Cities and Blockchain (2019, August). Panel presented at the 2019 IFLA conference, Athens, Greece.
  • San José State University School of Information: School Overview and Teacher Librarian Program. (2019, August). International Symposium – “Road to the Future: School and Children’s Librarianship”, Sapporo, Japan. 
  • Blockchain: Transforming the Technological Future. (2019, June). Panel presented at the 2019 American Library Association Conference.  Washington, DC. 
  • Creating the Information Professionals for the Future: A Fireside Chat. (2019, June). Keynote presented at the 2019 Special Libraries Association Conference, Cleveland, OH.  
  • Competencies for Librarians in a Technologically-Driven Global Climate. (2019, May). Keynote presented at the 2019 Swedish Library Association Conference, Helsingborg, Sweden.  

Dr. Abbas Moallem Publishes New Book on Cybersecurity


Dr. Moallem, instructor of INFM 204 Human Centered Design, has recently published a new book titled “Cybersecurity Awareness Among Students and Faculty“. This book offers an understanding of the state of privacy awareness, includes the state of identity theft awareness, covers mobile phone protection, discusses ransomware protection and discloses a plan of action to improve security awareness. Read here for more information about this book.

Drs. Pat Franks and Michelle Chen Receive Award for Publication


Drs. Franks and Chen received a Literati Award for Highly Commended Paper for their recent publication titled “Voices in the Cloud: Social Media and Trust in Canadian and U.S. Local Governments”. The article was published in the Records Management Journal.

Dr. Michael Stephens Publishes New Book


Dr. Stephen’s new book, titled “Wholehearted Librarianship: Finding Hope, Inspiration, and Balance” and published by ALA Editions, offers a curated collection of writings that encourage curiosity and creativity in all library workers by connecting trends from outside the profession to its bedrock values. Read here for more information about this book.

Dr. Sandy Hirsh Presents at SJSU University Scholar Series


Dr. Hirsh was invited to present at the Spring 2019 SJSU University Scholar Series. Her talk focused on Blockchain applications and use cases for libraries . Dr. Hirsh headed an 18-month research investigation on this topic, and her research has been informed by technology experts representing libraries, blockchain development, and urban planning. The recording of her talk can be viewed here.

Dr. Michele Villagran Selected to Serve on IMLS Grant Core Team


Dr. Villagran has been selected to serve, as an expert on cultural diversity, on the core team for the IMLS grant titled “Destination Preservation: A Roadmap for Libraries Leading Participatory Archiving Projects” to ensure that aspects of culture and diversity are considered. This two-year grant project, launched by the University Archives & Special Collections (UASC) in the Joseph P. Healey Library at the University of Massachusetts Boston, seeks to build an accessible, adaptable, and engaging “roadmap” to guide libraries of all kinds and sizes through the process of collecting and preserving materials in partnership with their community members. The core team includes additional representatives from Boston Public Library, Digital Commonwealth, Maine Historical Society, Massachusetts Archives, Metropolitan New York Library Council, Newark Public Library, and University of Massachusetts Boston. The team is currently in the first phase of the project focusing on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of libraries and cultural organizations already doing participatory archiving events. Read more about the project here.

Dr. Michael Stephens Joins Advisory Board for IMLS Grant on Civic Engagement


Dr. Stephens will be serving on the advisory board of a recently funded IMLS grant Training Future Librarians for Civic Engagement and City Collaboration. The project focuses on civic technology. Civic technology is an emerging set of practices in using information and communication tools to foster civic engagement in local geographic areas. Researchers at the School of Information at the University of Michigan proposed a three-year project to train librarians on how to work with civic organizations to promote greater civic engagement. As part of the program, LIS students will work under the direct supervision of city staff on civic engagement projects, while being mentored by professional librarians. The project will also develop LIS curriculum on how to build sustainable relationships with cities, help students work with diverse populations, and conduct the participatory research that is core to most civic engagement efforts. The project will develop two Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on theories and methods relevant to civic engagement. One course will be oriented to public librarians and the other will be for people working for city governments.

Dr. Stephens will bring his extensive background in online learning to the group. This includes his teaching in our 100% online Information Science program, his work designing courses utilizing open pedagogy and open educational practices, and his experience developing the Hyperlinked Library MOOC in 2013 for library staff professional development. Dr. Stephens said: “I believe that the resources developed through this project will offer  support and learning opportunities for future librarians to enhance the relationship between citizens and their local government.”

Dr. Lili Luo Serves as Evaluator for IMLS Grant


Dr. Luo Lili joins the IMLS grant project titled “National Forum on the Assessment of Scholarly Communication Programs” as an evaluator. Her role is to provide methodological expertise in the data gathering and analysis for the project. With the support of the grant, the Sacramento State University Library, in collaboration with the San Jose State University Library, will hold a two-day forum that will focus on standards and best practices in evaluating scholarly communications programs at large master’s degree-granting public universities. Forum attendees will include experts from library assessment, who may have experience in scholarly communication, to present and lead discussions on how existing assessment techniques can be implemented for scholarly communication services. The forum will result in a report with recommendations for standards and a comprehensive set of best practices in assessing the range of services that comprise a scholarly communication program.

Dr. Anthony Bernier Receives 2019 ALISE Research Grant


Dr. Bernier has been selected as the winner of the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) Research Grant competition for his proposal: “Recasting First Generation Student Experience for LIS Success.” His proposal was singled out by reviewers for its potential for contributions to LIS education. The award will be given at the Awards Luncheon at this years’ annual ALISE conference in the fall.