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Faculty Research and Innovation Updates

Dr. Souvick Ghosh’s Research Accepted By Internationally Renowned Conferences


Dr. Ghosh’s single-authored full paper, titled, “Predicting Question Deletion and Assessing Question Quality in Social Q&A Sites using Weakly Supervised Deep Neural Networks” was accepted at HICSS 2021. Dr. Ghosh will be presenting the paper at the conference (online, January 4-9, 2021).

Another short paper, firth-authored by Dr. Ghosh and titled “Classifying Speech Acts using Multi-channel Deep Attention Network for Task-oriented Conversational Search Agents” was accepted at CHIIR 2021. The conference will take place online, March14-19, 2021.

Dr. Michele Villagran’s Project Included in HeinOnline


Dr. Michele Villagan is a member of the project titled “Legal Response to COVID-19 in Latin America and the Caribbean“. This project is now included HeinOnline, which is a premier online database containing more than 190 million pages and 295,000 titles of historical and government documents in a fully searchable, image-based format. The project is listed as a resource under “COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present“.

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Presents at CPGE Research Events


Dr. Ghosh recently presented at the fall 2020 research events at the College of Professional and Global Educatin. His presentation was titled “Towards User-centered, Anthropomorphic, and Explainable Conversational Search Systems“. Dr. Ghosh’s research on Conversational Information Retrieval focuses on the individuals interacting with a voice-based search system and on the developments and innovations pertaining to conversational search systems. In this talk, Dr. Ghosh presented his work in this area and future research directions. Overall, his research on Conversational Information Retrieval focuses on both end-users and the system. By applying user-centered research design and explainable machine learning techniques, he aims to make future conversational systems more human-like, user-friendly, and accessible for end-users.

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Directs the ICANN Lab


Dr. Ghosh is the director of iSchool’s Intelligent Conversational Agents and Neural Networks Lab (ICANN).The research at the lab looks at multiple problems in the areas of information and data sciences from a socio-technical viewpoint. The ICANN Lab operates 100% online and includes students and collaborators from both graduate and undergraduate levels. Click here to see ICANN Lab’s featured projects.

iSchool Faculty Present at 2020 ALISE Annual Conference


iSchool faculty members, Virginia Tucker, Deobrah Hicks, Michele Villagran, Anthony Bernier,  Debbie Faires and Sue Alman presented at the 2020 ALISE Annual Conference. Here is the information about their presentations:

Dr. Michele Villagran Co-authors Book Chapter on Diversity and Tenure


Dr. Villagran’s most recent publication is a co-authored book chapter that looks at how female faculty of color navigates tenure in academic librarianship. This chapter is included in the book titled “Becoming a practitioner-researcher: A practical guide for information professionals“, which aims to help information professionals build an understanding of the research process as applied to our field and address the challenges of undertaking research as a practitioner, as well offer support and advice for all stages of a research project. 

Dr. Melissa Fraser-Arnott Publishes New Research on Library Marketing


Dr. Fraser-Arnott, member of the CIRI Advisory Board and alumna of the SJSU Gateway PhD program, recently published an article in the Journal of Library Administration. The article was titled “The Marketing Mix in Parliamentary Library Websites“, in which Dr. Fraser-Arnott used the 7P marketing mix model of product, price, place, promotion, people, process, and physical evidence to examine the content of 11 libraries from Westminster-style parliaments around the world.

Dr. Sue Alman Conducts Webinars for LYRASIS


Dr. Alman regularly conducts webinars for LYRASIS. Her recent webinars include:

Dr. Cheryl Stenström Publishes Article on the Value of Public Libraries


Dr. Stenström’s recent publication, titled “The Value of California’s Public Libraries” and published in Public Library Quarter, described how Californian libraries deliver value. Dr. Stenström and her co-author took a preliminary value framework previously developed from a study of academic literature, and applied it to the public library landscape in California. 

Dr. Souvick Ghosh Receives Award from Rutgers University


One of our newest faculty members, Dr. Ghosh, was awarded the Outstanding Graduating Student Award (LIS 2020) for research, teaching, and service from Rutgers University, School Of Communication and Information. He recently received his PhD in Information Science from Rutgers University. 

Dr. Mary Ann Harlan Presents and Publishes New Research on Reading


Dr. Harlan’s recent research focuses on information literacy and reading. Here’s a list of her recent conference presentations and publications:

  • Information literacy in reading fiction. (2020). International Speaker Series. School Library Association New South Wales. 
  • Reading Critically – Fiction as an Information Source. (2020). California School Library Association. City of Industry, CA.
  • he girl positive library: Reviewing feminist reads for teens. (2020). California School Library Association. City of Industry, CA.
  • Dawkins, A., Gangwish, K., & Harlan, M. A. (2020). New School Librarian Preparation Standards: How Does Reading Fit In?Knowledge Quest, 48(5), 32-38.

Dr. Ziming Liu’s Article Ranked among Highly Cited Papers


A recent publication in the Journal of Documentation titled “A bibliometric analysis and visualization of the Journal of Documentation: 1945–2018“, analyzed a total of 2056 papers published in the journal. Findings indicated that, a 2005 publication by Dr. Ziming Liu, “Reading behavior in the digital environment: Changes in reading behavior over the past ten years“, ranked #17 of the Top 30 Highly Cited Papers, #5 in the Citation Per Year, and #3 of the Top 20 Highly Mentioned Papers. It also received 904 citations in Google Scholar as of September 2020. 

Dr. Michele Villagran Co-authors Article in JELIS


Dr. Villagran was a co-author of a recent article published in the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science. 

This article described ALISE’s second Leadership Academy focused on “Vision 2020: Leading in a Constantly Changing World”.

Dr. Darra Hofman Presents at CPGE Research Events


Dr. Hofman was the the first speaker that presented at the fall 2020 research events at the College of Professional and Global Educatin. Her presentation was titled “Resilient Recordkeeping: Records and Data in an Era of Fragility“. Her research examines the intersection of records, law, and technology in order to find ways to ensure that records, however created and in whatever information systems, can serve as trustworthy evidence to support decision making and help secure the rights of individuals and communities. Her goal is to make explicit the implicit conflicts that arise as record keeping takes new technological forms and to develop theoretical constructs and identify models and frameworks that support both records professionals and records users in employing records to further human flourishing. In this presentation, Dr. Hofman discussed her research agenda for the next year, including timelines, publication venues, and plans for securing funding.

Dr. Chris Hagar’s Research Informs COVID-19 Challenges


Dr. Hagar was recently featured on the News/Events section of the website of the iSchool at Illinois. This news article described how Dr. Hagar’s crisis informatics research could inform the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the library and information professions. 

Dr. Michele Villagran’s New Publication Examines Cultural Intelligence within Special Libraries


Dr. Villagran recently published two articles titled in the journal Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries. Both articles focused on the views of information professionals who currently worked in a specialized setting such as business, government or information centers around the world, on cultural intelligence within their organizations. The two articles are titled ”Impact of Cultural Intelligence within Special Libraries“, and “A Study of the Cultural Intelligence of Special Libraries: Phase 1“. 

Dr. Lili Luo Co-authors Article on Health Information


Dr. Lili Luo’s most recent publication examines how public libraries can provide health information services for older adults. Her co-authored article, titled “Meeting Chinese Older Adults’ Health Information Needs: The Role of Public Libraries” was published in Library Quarterly

Dr. Michele Villagran Receives Research Grant from ALISE


Dr. Villagran, together with Dr. Ana Ndumu, University of Maryland, College Park, received the 2020 ALISE Community conn@CT mini-grant. Their grant project is titled “Integrating Immigrants into the LIS Workforce: A Pilot, Collaborative Project”.