Emerging Career Trends for Information Professionals: A Snapshot of Job Titles

The SJSU School of Information’s Emerging Career Trends for Information Professionals report provides an informal snapshot regarding some of the latest job trends for information professionals. The report is an excellent resource for:

  • Practitioners who are considering how they might expand their career options in the information profession
  • Information professionals who want to know what skills and knowledge employers' seek in job candidates
  • Current graduate students getting ready to enter the job market
  • Future graduate students who may be exploring career options for information professionals
  • Information center leaders, who are creating tomorrow’s jobs in the rapidly changing information profession

The most recent Emerging Career Trends report analyzes and discusses a collection of 400 jobs for library and information science (LIS) professionals posted on LIS-specific and general job search websites during January - April 2016. The data covers job locations, job titles, job duties, and job skills filtered from a broad range of job postings from organizations across the United States and categorized by both key functional areas and organization type. Although the 2016 report shows a large number of job postings in California, the data is independent of the iSchool’s Silicon Valley location.

By conducting a brief analysis of the jobs posted in spring 2016, some trends emerged. For example, "soft skills" should not be overlooked. Many employers are looking for applicants who are good communicators, are highly organized, and work well in a collaborative environment. In addition, employers are seeking applicants who have an ability to work for and with diverse groups of people and serve a diverse customer base.

The Emerging Career Trends report also shares job search tips. For example, job seekers are encouraged to experiment and practice with as many different web tools and applications as possible, such as SharePoint and Drupal. Employers are looking for candidates with more than basic computer skills. 

The information profession continues to expand, and career opportunities are growing. The Emerging Career Trends report provides some insight into those expanding opportunities for librarians and other information professionals.

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