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Library and Information Science Publications Wiki

The Library and Information Science (LIS) Publications wiki provides students and professionals with a wealth of information about LIS publications and websites, so they find the right outlet for their writing and discover new publications to read.

The wiki profiles hundreds of publications, ranging from scholarly journals to professional and trade publications. Published authors can use the wiki to seek new outlets for their work. Individuals hoping to be published for the first time can research options for their articles, reviews, and other works.

You can use the LIS Publications wiki to search a database of hundreds of titles and discover publications and websites catering to your areas of interest. Even if you don’t plan to publish right now, you can search the database to explore publications you may want to read or online communities you may want to join.

Each publication profile provides information that will help you evaluate whether a publication will be of interest to you as an author or a reader. For example, each profile discusses the purpose and scope of the publication, its audience, the types of contributions the publication is seeking from writers, and how frequently the publication is distributed. Profiles also address submission guidelines, including how to send a query and what’s generally accepted. Details can change frequently, however, and we always recommend that you consider the wiki to be a starting point for your research. Be sure to review the latest information on the publication’s website or contact the publication before submitting your work.

Titles included in the database are organized by category:

  • LIS scholarly journals: Peer-reviewed publications with research-oriented content.
  • LIS professional and trade publications: Titles written for information professionals.
  • Civilian publications: Publications not specifically focused on LIS topics, but which may be open to publishing the occasional LIS-related article.
  • Book publishers: Publishers known to publish nonfiction, LIS-oriented titles.

Check back frequently, as new publications are added and existing entries are updated on an ongoing basis.

About the Wiki

Created by Laurie Putnam, lecturer for the San José State University School of Information, the LIS Publications wiki was initially researched and populated by students in Putnam’s Publishing for the Profession course.

The wiki is a constant work in progress: SJSU iSchool graduate students working with Putnam continuously update entries. If you are a publication editor or staff member, we encourage you to check in occasionally and make sure your publication’s information is up to date. If your profile needs updating or your publication does not yet appear in the wiki, you can contact the wiki team to suggest revisions or add a new profile to increase the visibility of your publication.

If you are an iSchool student who would like to join the wiki team and earn INFO 298 credit for your work, contact Laurie Putnam.