Vendor Information


Doing Business with the iSchool
Information for Vendors

This web page is intended to provide vendors with information that is pertinent to doing business with the School of Information. This page includes links to campus resources that will guide you through campus business practices, such as setting up your vendor record and the process you need to follow, in order to get paid for your services.


  • Do not begin work until a Purchase Order has been issued. We cannot guarantee payment to you until a Purchase Order has been issued.
  • The process of obtaining a Purchase Order can be lengthy – there are several reviews along the way to ensure compliance with Federal, State, CSU, and SJSU policies.
  • The University is not tax exempt.

While there are some products that can be purchased with a Procurement Card, most items must be purchased via a Purchase Order.

There are several steps that must be completed before you render services or deliver supplies, and receive payment.

  1. Submit your scope of work, price quote or invoice to the School of Information.
  2. Set up your Supplier Record via PaymentWorks.
  3. Be verified as an Independent Contractor.
  4. School of Information requests the Purchase Order.
  5. A Purchase Order is issued.
  6. You can render your services and/or supplies.
  7. Provide an invoice either to the School of Information or the eInvoice Portal.
  8. Payment will be made to you.

Submit your Scope of Work, Quote, or Invoice

The first step of this process is submitting your scope of work, price quote, or invoice to the School of Information.

The document must:

  • Be on company letterhead;
  • Contain the supplier name and contact information, including address and telephone number;
  • Include a detailed description of the service or product being delivered;
  • Include the exact cost of the service or product, including sales tax, freight, etc.

Submit the document to the Administrative Services Specialist, Kristina Luna, at

Becoming an SJSU Supplier

Vendors on the SJSU Campus are known as SJSU Suppliers.

To become an SJSU Supplier, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Provide the School of Information with a scope of work, price quote or invoice for the services or materials that are to be delivered.
  2. You will receive an invitation via PaymentWorks to set up your vendor record.
    1. PaymentWorks allows SJSU to securely obtain all the information needed to set up your supplier record online.
    2. PaymentWorks allows you to keep your vendor information up to date.
    3. PaymentWorks allows you to view your invoice and payment status.
    4. PaymentWorks allows you to sign up for ACH payments.
  3. Your PaymentWorks registration is reviewed by Finance and Business Services.
  4. Your PaymentsWorks registration is approved by Finance and Business Services.
  5. Your Supplier Record is created, and a Supplier ID number is assigned. 

Additional Information:

Independent Contractor Verification

SJSU Suppliers must then be reviewed to determine if they are properly classified as Independent Contractors.

Note that CSU employees cannot be paid as Independent Contractors.

The School of Information Administrative Analyst, Roffna Principe, will submit the required documents to University Personnel for their review and authorization. Once authorization is received from University Personnel, a requisition for purchase order will be submitted.

Purchase Order Process

Do not begin work until a Purchase Order is issued. You cannot be paid without a Purchase Order and we cannot guarantee payment until a Purchase Order is issued.

Before the School of Information can submit a requisition for a Purchase Order, the vendor must have a Supplier ID and be verified as an Independent Contractor. We also must have a scope of work, price quote, or invoice. Once all of this in place, we will submit a request for a Purchase Order.

The Purchase Order is the university’s contractual agreement with the supplier and will include terms and conditions of the purchase.

The process of Requisition to a Purchase Order is lengthy – estimated time is 4 to 8 weeks. The length of time depends on the commodity and the types of reviews the goods or services must go through. See Special Requirements for additional information.

Once a purchase order is issued, you can begin work or deliver the materials ordered.

Additional Information:

Invoices and Payments

Once the Purchase Order is issued and goods and/or services have been delivered, you can submit an invoice for payment.

Note that the University is not tax exempt.

Your invoice must contain:

  • Company name
  • Mailing address
  • Purchase order number
  • Invoice number
  • Statement indicating if services were performed in or out of the state of California
  • Item information
  • Price information including total cost

Ways to submit your invoice (complete only one method):

San Jose State University
Attn: Payment Services
129 S. 10th Street
San Jose, CA  95192-0041

Once the invoice is processed, the invoice will be aged by the agreed upon terms, and then payment will be issued to you. 

Payments are made via ACH or Check. You can set up ACH payments via PaymentWorks.

Payments are subject to 1099 reporting, as well as a 7% withholding for out-of-state suppliers who perform services in the state of California.