What does a day in the life of an online student look like? Are internships really worth the time and energy? Download these e-Books and get an insider look at iSchool life.  


A Day in the Life of an Online Student

Alarm Clock

Ever wonder how online students find time to complete their schoolwork while working their jobs, feeding their families, walking their dogs and wearing clean clothes (most days at least)?

We decided the best way to answer those questions was to have our real-life, honest-to-goodness online students share their own personal stories. We asked them to be completely honest and share what a “typical day” looks like for them.

Not surprisingly, every student’s story is a little different, and everyone finds a unique way to balance all of these responsibilities. Schedules may get hectic at times, but with our flexible online programs, it can ALL get done and done well.

We invite you to experience A Day in the Life of an Online Student.


Opening Doors: Student Internship Stories

Whether you have work experience or not, completing an internship while studying at the iSchool is a wonderful way to build skills, expand your network, try new things, and boost your resume. 

Internships are optional but highly encouraged. Students who have completed internships reap the benefits of this additional real-world experience. Even if time is an issue or you’re already working in your desired career, an internship can open doors that you haven’t yet imagined. 

We invite you to read Opening Doors: Student Internship Stories.