Alumni Voices

The mission of the iSchool is to educate information professionals who excel in virtual and physical environments and who contribute to the well-being of our global communities. In this video series, we showcase some of the innovative children, teen, and adult programming that our alumni have developed at their libraries. 

In the words of alumna Angela Ocana, "When you come to the library, you get to try something new." For example, building a structure that can sustain an earthquake, learning Photoshop to edit photos, and flying drones. Our alumni have the "funnest job" as they use their MLIS skills, creativity, and talents to impact our world.

Make-HER Program with Nancy Andrus, '08 MLIS

Maker[Space]Ship with Erin Berman, '11 MLIS

Drone Movie Making with Angela Ocana, '14 MLIS

The more lives that you go out and touch then the bigger impact we all have. Together we can change the world. -- Erin Berman, '11 MLIS