Hologram 3D Fans


Faryuan 3D Hologram Fan

Why Libraries?

The Faryuan 3D Hologram Fan, an easily programmable and adaptable device, offers libraries diverse programming opportunities that range from hands-on, interactive instruction to marketing and user experience enhancement. 


The sleek design of this 3D Hologram Fan makes it a suitable technology for a variety of environments—including larger or smaller indoor and outdoor spaces. Additionally, the programming needs of this device only require a WiFi hotspot connection through the use of a single mobile application that is free, user-friendly, accessible, and customizable to each user’s needs. Display video images can then be easily uploaded from the phone’s photo album onto the application and played with the tap of a finger. 

Use Cases

  • Marketing Services: By adapting the Faryuan 3D Hologram Fan to display moving images, libraries can advertise their programs and services to the community or use this technology to drive higher foot traffic during fairs, presentations, or other public events. 
  • Storytelling Sessions: Children and Young Adults can experience greater engagement and interaction with a book through the Hologram Fan’s programmable moving images, which may facilitate visualization and content retention, as well as an increased positive reader experience.
  • Immersive Instruction: Libraries can promote immersive learning experiences on complex subjects by projecting three-dimensional images that allow students to observe and study concepts from various perspectives.
  • STEM Education: The Faryuan 3D Hologram Fan can be used as an instructional tool in small group workshops to introduce technology engineering, programming, and coding to patrons. 



  • Special Features

    • Built-in internet, Bluetooth audio module
    • Data Transmission via WiFi and 16GB TF Card
    • Plays in MP4 format directly
    • Mobile phone app control
  • Battery 
    • Battery Consumption—36w.
    • Epistar Brand Lead Beads Life—50,000 Hrs. 
    • Chip Life—24 Hrs. 
  • Supported Content Formats
    • MP4 
    • AVI 
    • RMVB 
    • GIF 
    • JPG 
    • PNG
  • Connection Requirements
    • 16G TF card
    • WiFi
    • Windows, Android, or IOS
  • Display Capabilities
    • 22 in. display diameter
    • 1600 x 640 Resolution
    • 640 pcs LED quantity
    • 560 x 560 x 55 mm production size

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