Why Libraries?

Libraries can leverage the interactive capabilities and humanoid appearance of the NAO6 robot to elevate storytelling experiences and captivate children’s engagement during educational programs.


NAO6, developed by Softbank Robotics, is a humanoid robot standing at a height of 22.83 inches and weighing 9.47 lbs.  It is powered by cutting-edge cloud-based artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and natural language processing technologies.

Use Cases

  • Storytelling Sessions: NAO6 can play a crucial role in organizing captivating storytime sessions. It has the ability to talk out loud, engages with children, and explain stories while actively interacting with them.
  • Language Learning: Leveraging its advanced speech recognition capabilities, NAO6 can contribute to language programs and workshops. It can speak different languages, allowing it to effectively engage with diverse language learners and provide interactive language practice.
  • Special Needs Programs: NAO6’s diverse functionalities make it an excellent companion for individuals with special needs. It can interact and communicate with them in ways that cater to their unique requirements, promoting inclusivity and fostering meaningful engagement.
  • Interactive Assistance in Libraries: NAO6 can serve as a helpful resource by learning and familiarizing itself with frequently asked questions. By doing so, it can actively interact with library patrons, answering their questions and providing assistance on various topics.
  • Interactive Learning Activities: NAO6 can facilitate interactive learning activities within the library, such as quizzes, puzzles, and educational games. By engaging users in fun and educational experiences, NAO6 promotes active learning and knowledge acquisition.
  • Library Events Promotion: NAO6 can help promote upcoming library events by engaging with patrons and providing information about the event details, schedules, and featured activities. This contributes to increased awareness and participation in library programs.
  • STEM Education: NAO6 can be integrated into STEM education initiatives within the library by demonstrating concepts, providing explanations, and guiding hands-on experiments, making STEM subjects more accessible and engaging for learners.

These are just a few examples of how libraries can utilize NAO6 to enhance user experience, provide interactive services, and promote engagement with library resources and programs. The specific applications can vary depending on the library’s needs, goals, and target audience.

Palo Alto City Library: LTI Lab’s First Partnering Library

Palo Alto City Library’s Tello Drone Program: Library Program Coordinator at the Palo Alto City Library Dan Lou has been a tremendous and crucial partner to the LTI Lab since the beginning of its inception. Dan Lou brings a deep understanding of technology use in libraries and has been an exceptional and visionary pioneer at the Palo Alto City Library in bringing new technology tutorials.

Palo Alto City Library’s Tutorials

Other Tutorials



  • Height/Depth/Width

    • Height = 22.6 inches
    • Depth = 12.2 inches
    • Width = 10.8 inches
  • Weight
    • 12.8 lbs.
  • Battery
    • Charging Time
    • 2 hours to 100% charge
    • 45 minutes to 2 hours of usage based on NAO’s activities
  • Required Programs
    • SoftBank Robotics account
    • Robot Settings
  • Compatibility
    • Linux
      • Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus – 64 bit only
    • Windows
      •  Microsoft Windows 10 – 64 bit only
    • Mac
      • MAC OS X 10.12 Sierra
    • Programmable Languages
      • Python, C++, Java

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