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Strategic Partners

Meet the strategic partners of the SJSU iSchool Library Technology Integration (LTI) Lab – collaborative allies driving technological progress in libraries. Led by SJSU iSchool Director Anthony Chow, these partners unite to advance the LTI Lab’s mission of infusing innovation and access.

Guided by a shared dedication to research and development, our partners enhance the lab’s impact. They contribute to hands-on exploration of emerging technologies, enriching library offerings. This collaborative space fosters a vibrant exchange of ideas among librarians, amplifying collective knowledge.

Our partners are integral to narrowing the digital divide, elevating libraries’ significance, and nurturing digital literacy. Through their support, we harness technology to fortify libraries, making them adaptable in an ever-changing landscape. Together, we empower creativity, spur engagement, and champion inclusivity within our communities.


Strategic Library, Librarian, and Academic Partners


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Interested in becoming a strategic partner?

SJSU iSchool LTI Lab is growing! If you wish to become one of our partners and benefit from the numerous advantages of the SJSU iSchool community, please fill out the form here.