John MacLeod is the executive director of XRLibraries, a leading company integrating XR technology in libraries and schools. He works with state and local libraries to implement strategies for deploying augmented, virtual and 360 VR technology and programs. He continues to build a national clearinghouse for libraries to share best practices in the use of XR technologies in libraries.

XRLibraries provides end-to-end solutions for deploying and integrating Virtual, Augmented and Mixed (XR) technologies and programs in libraries and schools. Our goal is to enable equitable access to immersive technologies for all communities


  • Playbooks
    A catalogue of over 300 XR apps are included in Themed Playbooks  created for programs and discussion with pre-installed apps on the VR headset.
  • XR Showcase
    XRLibraries offers an episodic series where their hosts George and Camila teach you about the best VR and AR content for your library as well as the best practices for using extended reality in a public setting.