Native American Cultural Heritage


Native American Cultural Heritage

Native American heritage first became officially recognized by the United States government in 1986 as “Native American Indian Heritage Week” after Congress passed S.J. Resolution 390. Four years later, the week-long celebration became a national heritage month celebrated in November. Thereafter, the resolution that was previously designated as “National American Indian Heritage Month” or “Native American Indian Month” has since been amended in 2008 to include the celebration of Alaskan Natives, now referred to as “National Native American Heritage Month” as many see it today. (source: United States Senate)

EDI Symposium: Bridging the Past and the Future

2022 Events

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month: History, Culture, and Experience
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Pacific Time


In November 2021, the SJSU iSchool hosted a discussion on how libraries can successfully acknowledge and assist Native Americans while also tackling challenges that community members face through the symposium, “Bridging the Past and Future: Improving Library Services for the Native American Community.” The keynote speakers  and panelists talked about the importance of effectively communicating with Native Americans, breaking down false assumptions about Native Americans, and including indigenous materials in library collections.

Library and Information Science Best Practices

Best Practices from “Celebrating Native American Heritage Month: History, Culture, and Experience”:

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Best Practices from “Bridging the Past and Future: Improving Library Services for the Native American Community”:

  • Add more Native American items to library collections
  • Library staff need to be more culturally-competent when welcoming Native Americans to the library space.
  • Establish effective educational services that can benefit the Native American community.

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