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The Future of Our Libraries Start In Our Schools 

Among California public schools responding to the library survey, 84 percent have a place designated as the library, although staffing, collections, and programs range from exemplary to substandard. -California Department of Education, 2023

Book Challenges and Book Bans 

Over the last few years, there’s been a rise in Book Bans across the country, and the attitude around the subject has grown increasingly divisive. Utilizing resources from ALA, EveryLibrary, Freedom to Read, and some interviews with real librarians from across the United States today, we’ve gathered some information on what is going on and what we can do about it.  

Battle of the Banned Video Podcast Series

iSchool Hubs Initiative: Banned and Controversial Gallery

You can also explore book bans through the iSchool Hubs Banned and Controversial Gallery, an immersive VR space using new media to creatively explore books, artists, information and ideas that ignite difficult conversations.

Library Leaders in Conversation: The State of School Libraries

Our inaugural symposium conversation was co-hosted by Anthony Chow, San José State University School of Information’s director, and Sanda Erdelez, interim dean at Simmons University. The first half of our symposium included keynote addresses from Keith Curry-Lance, consultant and school library researcher, and Kathy Lester, president of the American Association of School Librarians. Subsequent conversations included a panel discussion on empowering school librarians to create excellent school library programs and strategic action needed for well-funded school libraries staffed by certified school librarians. 

Full Transcript

GIS Map with School Librarian Requirements and Student Success Rates

California Library Association Advocacy and Legislation Committee

Dr. Chow is on the Board of Directors of CLA and member of the Advocacy and Legislation Committee.

Little Free Library / Headstart Partnership for Children’s Literacy 

The SJSU School of Information is a proud supporter of the Little Free Library and current sponsor of the Little Free Library app.