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Dr. Anthony Chow – iSchool Director and Professor, Founder of the LTI Lab

Dr. Anthony Chow Dr. Anthony Chow is the Director of the SJSU iSchool and founder of the Library Technology Integration Lab. His vision is to bring students, libraries, and technology together to conduct research and development on how technology can be integrated into library services, programming, and resources. He views technology and digital literacy as the future of the field and all members of the community, especially children, deserve equal access to state-of-the-art technologies. [View More]

Chow’s academic career spans 23 years during which time he has worked as a faculty member; served as coordinator/director of online learning; published two books and two book chapters and 141 peer-reviewed publications, proceedings, presentations and posters; and received over $3 million in grants and contracts to fund research projects. He has a steep record of service and leadership at all levels of academia and the library and information science field and takes “deep pride in contributing to any team or group I am part of,” he affirms. Chow holds a PhD in Instructional Systems Design and an MS in Educational Psychology from Florida State University.

On the faculty at both the University of North Carolina and Florida State University, Chow’s teaching areas included web design and usability, leadership and management, instructional design and technology, social media, and technology integration. He has experience teaching in various formats and considers online learning an area of expertise. “I am 100% committed to the immense value of online education as a complex interchange between student needs and organizational capabilities to deliver a seamless and high-quality learning experience and system,” Chow says.


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Rosine Bingol Tyler Livy Irene Miller
Rosine Bingol Tyler Livy Irene Miller
Strategic Library and Librarian Partners

Palo Alto City Library

Dan Lou Dan Lou is a founding member of the LTI Lab and is a senior librarian at Palo Alto City Library, where she works on web content management and develops pioneering programs with new technologies. View her blog
Dan Lou  

Dover Town Library

Jim Westen Jim is the Head of Adult Services at Dover Town Library in Dover, MA
Jim Westen