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Resources and Bibliography


Megan Cusick, American Library Associations Deputy Director of State Advocacy (ALA Library Advocacy Policy on a State level)

Dr. Alan Inouye, Interim Associate and Executive Director of Public Policy and Advocacy (ALA Library Advocacy Policy on a Federal level)

Dr. Anthony Chow, California Library Association (CLA) Advocacy & Legislation Committee, Library Advocacy Intern Advisor, and SJSU iSchool Director


Access, Advocacy, and Impact: How Public Libraries Are Contributing to Educational Equity for Children and Families in Underserved Communities

Pentland. (2022). The Advocacy Efforts for School Library Staffing during the Pandemic. Knowledge Quest, 50(3), 24–31.
North Dakota State Library, July 22, 2020
Library 101: Advocacy

  • Identify advocates for the library
  • ongoing process
  • attending non library events, community events
  • info graphics to distribute to community members, make the data “pop”
Library Advocacy 2022
School District of La Crosse Librarians
For facilities improvement …any resources for Librarians? 

Giles. (2020). ONE SMALL VOICE MY SCHOOL LIBRARY ADVOCACY JOURNEY. Knowledge Quest, 48(4), 22–27.

ADVOCATING FOR THE “WHY” OF SCHOOL LIBRARIES: Empowering Students through Inquiry
ISSN: 1094-9046 , 2163-5234

Frontline Advocacy for School Libraries Toolkit

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