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Thought-provoking Presentations on Privacy at Library 2.016

Published: June 9, 2016

Library 2.0 conferences are a great way to gain the latest information about library trends and information technology without leaving the comfort of your home or office. It’s all online and presentations are given at a variety of times, making it  easier for people all over the world to take part. If you can’t make it, there’s always the recording, which is how I soak up the knowledge of Library 2.0.

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Expert Panel Discusses Libraries and Digitization

Published: December 10, 2015

With the growing need to preserve and protect historical materials, curate born-digital materials, and make materials more widely accessible to the community and the world beyond, digitization is becoming more of an issue for libraries today.

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Toby Greenwalt at Library 2.015 — Technology and Partnership in the Library Community

Published: November 12, 2015

This is the last in a series of posts summarizing highlights of the Library 2.015 Worldwide Virtual Conference in October 2015. To access the full set of recorded sessions, go to the iSchool’s Library 2.015 page and look for the links to the keynote speakers. All three of the presentations covered in this blog will be there, and you can get all the juicy details for yourself!

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Being in the Know—Advice about Technology and Program Funding from the Library 2.015 Spring Summit

Published: May 27, 2015

This is the second post of a three-part summary of the Library 2.015 Spring Summit that took place on April 30, 2015. In this presentation, entitled In the Know (click on this title to connect you to the recording), three leaders in the fields of technology and grantwriting discussed ways to keep current with tech development, how to determine the importance and relevance of each resource in relation to your own library community, and how to look for and receive funding for your organization’s programming.

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A Chance to Meet Our iSchool Director in California

Published: February 18, 2015

SJSU iSchool Director Dr. Sandra Hirsh has been travelling around California for the last couple of months, visiting libraries and holding informational sessions to answer questions and discuss the programs and opportunities available at the iSchool. Hirsh visited two public libraries in Los Angeles in January and the Sacramento Public Library in early February.

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Conference Funds Available for New iSchool Students

Published: February 4, 2015

You’re excited about going to graduate school in information science, and you’d love to begin connecting with other prospective students, and with seasoned information professionals to hear all about their trials and successes in your chosen career field. Professional conferences are a great place to hear about the many opportunities in the field.