Community Profiles: Youth Librarianship

Community Profile

Family and Travel Open the World of Librarianship to MLIS Graduate

Tameca Beckett

“Focus on people. Libraries are about people.”

Tameca Beckett, ‘18 MLIS
Reference and Access Services Librarian
Dover, Delaware

Tameca Beckett has packed a lot into the last 10 years and to hear her future plans it looks like that trend will continue for at least the next 10 as well!

Community Profile

President of the CLA and iSchool Alumna Strongly Advocates for the LIS Profession

Dolly Goyal

“It really helps you understand the bigger picture, keep an eye on the profession, and the issues that all types of libraries are facing. We’re in a field that is constantly being threatened, so it’s important to know when and where we need to advocate for our profession and how to communicate our relevancy in our communities.”

Dolly Goyal
MLIS Graduate ‘07
Sunnyvale, CA

Community Profile

MLIS Student and Public Librarian Amassing Skills for Her Continued LIS Future

“While I feel like I had learned a lot of skills on the job, I ultimately wanted to learn the theories of practice behind those skills. I also wanted the opportunity to learn from and interact with experienced leaders in the field of library and information science. I feel like this program has really provided that so well, particularly for being an online program.”

Tiffany Harkleroad
iSchool Student Graduating 2017
Butler, Pennsylvania

Community Profile

Kayla Marie Figard: A Visionary For Youth Services

“Leadership is enabling and inspiring others to come up with great ideas and do great work. It’s not about me, it’s about us as a whole.”

Kayla Marie Figard
Community Program Specialist, Belmont Library
iSchool Alumna (MLIS 2016)

Community Profile

Baby Steps: Librarians and Reading Readiness

“I’m passionate about this, and that makes all the difference. I love what I do, and it’s so important for children. It’s been a really good experience, and so worthwhile.”

R. Lynn Baker
Frankfort, Kentucky
iSchool Alumna (MLIS, 2015)

Community Profile

Tom Schween Rocks Digital Storytime

“I wanted to make a difference and be of service. I wanted to promote things I valued and cared about, such as stories, the arts, reading and lifelong learning.”

Tom Schween
Walnut Creek, California
MLIS Student, Expected Graduation Spring 2017