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Leading by Example: Being a Woman in Informatics with Diana Tran-Yee

“If you are persistent and passionate, you can actually achieve anything that you desire. And being a woman in tech is actually very empowering because I feel that I can lead by example, and also provide other women with something to aspire to…We can help each other succeed as we understand the struggles we face each day. By being a collective team, we can make progress together.”

Diana Tran-Yee, ’21 MS in Informatics
José, California 

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Empowering Communities through Digital Library Services with Kristen Chua

Kristen Chua

“A lot of my projects involve thinking about how systems and technologies can be designed or improved to better connect people to the information they need. The Informatics program has made me a better analyst, information professional, and researcher through courses focusing on human-centered design, data management, project management, and computer networking. These classes have helped me think about what solutions are not only helpful but also possible.”

Kristen Chua
MS in Informatics, ‘23 Spring 

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Discovering Data Science with Keith Fernandez

Keith Fernandez

“Data impacts everyone. And that’s what this program is about – helping gear a person towards how to use that data and make sense of that data, protect that data, and leverage that data for health care and all kinds of industries.”

Keith Fernandez
San Diego, CA
SJSU B.S. in ISDA expected Spring 2023

Community Profile

Alumnus Randall White on Changing the World with Informatics

Randall White Headshot

“The informatic principles I am able to provide and assist a lot of our graduate students and our principal investigators with allow them to publish works that are pushing humanity forward.”

Randall White, ‘20 MS in Informatics 
Computational Research Technical Consultant
Stanford University
Tulsa, OK