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MLIS Student’s Career Objective is to Empower Others

“In terms of the program, what has surprised me quite a bit is how responsive the professors have been and how much they seem invested in how their students succeed. I know there are a lot of students so I can see how it could be difficult for professors to show that they care for each individual, but I got the sense that they all want us to succeed in this field and to grow and gain as much knowledge as we can while we are taking courses with them.”​

Andrew Chae    
Substitute Teacher and MLIS Student 
East Bay, CA

Community Profile

Oliver Schulz: From Open Classes to MLIS

As an information professional, library or not, your job is to help find information. But if you don’t stay up to date you don’t help people find the best information.” 

Oliver SchulzLibrary Director, The Master’s Seminary
Sun Valley, CA
MLIS Student (Expected Graduation December 2017)