iSchool Current Student Grants


Travel Grants for Current Students

Participating and attending professional association conferences is a wonderful way for students to expand their skills, make new contacts, and immerse themselves in the information field. The SJSU School of Information highly encourages students to support their studies by going to professional association conferences but also realizes that they can be cost prohibitive. In an attempt to lessen the financial burden, eligible iSchool students can apply for travel grants. Seven grants valued up to $1,500 each will be awarded in the fall and spring semesters for a total of 14 per academic year.


  • Students must have a current GPA of at least a 3.2 are eligible to apply for one of the 14 travel grants available annually at up to $1,500 each. A copy of your transcript showing your GPA is required.
  • Students must be actively enrolled in the MLIS, MARA or Informatics program and taking at least 3 units in the semester that they apply and in the semester that they travel.
  • Only one travel grant per academic year will be awarded to the same student. For example, if a student is awarded a travel grant in the fall semester, they are not eligible to apply for a travel grant in the spring semester.

Application Process

  • Applications must include a written explanation about which conference the student is hoping to attend, why the student selected it, and what the student hopes to get out of attending the conference. Students who are presenting a paper or poster at the conference will be given higher consideration for the available travel grants.
  • Please submit a Word document using the application form.
  • Maximum word count is 300.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for spring 2022 is February 17, 2022. The application deadline for fall 2022 is September 8, 2022.


  • The funds should be used for expenses associated with attendance at a regional, national, or international professional conference related to iSchool program areas (e.g., library and information science, informatics, archives and records administration) for learning, professional networking, and/or presenting a conference paper/poster.
  • The iSchool travel grant award and university travel approval must be secured prior to attending the conference. Travel approvals are required 30 days prior to travel for domestic travel, 60 days prior to travel for international travel to non-hazardous areas, and 90 days prior to travel for international travel to high hazard areas. See:
  • Travel must be completed in the fiscal year that the award was granted in; fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.
  • Note that there are restrictions on which states are eligible for travel support.
  • Students must follow the standard university travel approval processes including the timelines for approval. Our office staff members will guide students through the process which involves working far in advance of the travel dates to meet the requirements. Please download the Student Travel Process steps and see the iSchool Travel Rules and Regulations:
  • The students will work with iSchool staff members Roffna Principe and Kristina Luna to arrange the paperwork. Students will submit a travel approval request.

Receiving Travel Reimbursement

  • After the conference concludes, students who have received financial support are required to write a summary of their conference experience for iStudent blog within two weeks after returning from their trip. This is a requirement for getting travel reimbursement.
  • All travel receipts must be submitted following university processes for reimbursement after the conference travel has been completed; the request for reimbursement must be completed within one month after the travel. Missing travel receipts cannot be reimbursed. Reimbursement is up to $1,500. Any travel expenses that exceed that amount will not be covered by the iSchool.
  • Travel expenses must be paid by the student and then will be reimbursed by the iSchool after the travel is completed, travel claim is submitted, and the trip report for publishing on the iStudent blog is sent to iSchool.