Community Profiles

MLIS student Joy Kim Expands Experience With Multiple Internships

“Every internship was so unique and different. The greatest takeaway is that librarianship comes in all shapes and sizes! I was grateful to experience so many ways to be an information professional and I loved all of them!

iSchool Student Reaches Beyond the Classroom to Compound Her Professional Skillset

“The range of concentrations that SJSU offers was also extremely appealing. The scope of areas that are included within the field of librarianship alone is appealing. My work experience in librarianship thus far has been in a military community library and a public library.

Hands-On MARA Opportunities Give Anna Maloney Tools to Succeed in Records Management

From the moment of her first internship, archiving original source material at a Kentucky community college library, Anna Maloney was hooked on the possibilities of a career in documents management.

Jennifer Gavin Takes Archives To Space and Beyond

“I absolutely needed the MARA degree to get into this field. You need experience, continuing education through certifications or some manner, and you need the degree in order to really become successful and get that dream job.”
Jennifer Gavin

Heather Kiger and The Internship of Dreams

Heather Kiger was looking for her next adventure and had her eye on Yosemite National Park.