Community Profiles

MARA Student Receives Scholarship from ARMA International for his Achievements

“The [MARA] degree provides unmatched versatility, allowing me the opportunity to pursue advancement in records management and archive related professions.”

James Carpenter
iSchool Student Graduating 2019
Miami, FL

Lifelong Learning and Leadership

“The public library plays a huge role in the larger framework of our society, and it is important for me to utilize my skills to become a leader in the public library realm.”
Kai Forsley
Volunteer Programs Coordinator, Presidio Trust

Isis Leininger Answers The Call of Library Life

"I LOVE MY JOB. I never thought I would say that, and I never pictured myself doing what I’m doing now."
Isis Leininger
Northridge, California
MLIS Student - Expected Graduation Spring 2016

Canadian Student Simon Lum Thinks Globally and Acts Locally

“My goal is to use my skills and knowledge to build on my past successes and experiences, and to play a vital role in supporting and affecting positive change in my communities—locally and globally.”
Simon Lum

Kate Dillon: On Cybersecurity and Being WISE

Kate Dillon had a dream: to be a full-time MLIS student.