Community Profiles

Global Educator and MLIS Student Values the iSchool’s Diverse Course Offerings and Flexibility

“I took the storytelling course partly because I do some storytelling in Korean schools and libraries.  It seemed like a good class for me as a teacher and librarian. I think the class is useful for librarians who want to more effectively perform stories in the library (or other) settings.

Versatile and Storied MLIS Student Finds Where He Belongs in the LIS Field

“Now that I’m enrolled in the program and enjoying it tremendously, I’m especially interested in the way libraries and in particular public libraries are helping to bridge the technological divide in some very genius ways.”

International Educator Gina Ruocco Prepares to Enter the LIS Field on a Global Scale

“I chose the iSchool because of the program’s excellent reputation and the fact that it’s completely online. Because I work internationally, I needed a flexible online option for my MLIS.”

Gina Ruocco
MLIS Student Graduating 2018
The Hague, Netherlands

Canadian Student Simon Lum Thinks Globally and Acts Locally

“My goal is to use my skills and knowledge to build on my past successes and experiences, and to play a vital role in supporting and affecting positive change in my communities—locally and globally.”
Simon Lum

Librarians Without Borders Takes iSchool Students on a Guatemalan Adventure

“If you’re interested in libraries, or nonprofits, community outreach—this is a great learning experience. What I took away from it is that it’s really important to know the community you’re working with.”
Kerry Purvis
Portland, Maine