Eligibility & Deadlines


An MLIS student must have completed INFO 200, INFO 202, INFO 203, INFO 204, and at least 9 units of electives for a total of at least 19 completed units and be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA or above and no outstanding incompletes) to participate in an internship. A Post-Master's Certificate student must have completed INFO 203. In addition, the internship site may require that certain courses be taken before the internship begins.


The student is responsible for finding, applying for, and then obtaining the faculty supervisor’s approval of an internship in a timely manner, staying within the iSchool published dates for registration and adding ⁄ dropping courses.

It is highly recommended that a student identify an internship, apply to the internship site, and submit the Professional Experience: Internship - Student Application form to the faculty supervisor at least two months in advance of the instruction start date for the semester of the internship.

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