Application for Award of Graduate Degree


Application for Award of Graduate Degree Online Process

Must be completed online by the posted deadline Paper forms are no longer accepted by GAPE

  • Due date for May graduation: February 1
  • Due date for August graduation: March 1
  • Due date for December graduation: September 1

You must apply to graduate with GAPE for graduation after your candidacy has been approved.

First-time Applicants:

Eligible students can apply for graduation through self-service within their MySJSU account. Approximately two weeks after students have been approved for advancement to candidacy by the GAPE office, they will be sent a MySJSU message prompting them to apply for graduation. This message will include instructions that are similar to the instructions in this guide.

GAPE has a video tutorial of the process.

GAPE runs the MySJSU query to activate your MySJSU graduation link only every two weeks. If you have received the prompt to complete this process, but do not have the link yet, know that it should appear within two weeks, and your application will be accepted late. Please contact GAPE if you have follow up questions.

MS Informatics Students: Typically GAPE will not issue the link to apply for graduation until you have 15 units of graded classes. If you have not received a link to apply for graduation two weeks after the service indicator showing your Candidacy is approved has appeared in your MySJSU account, contact GAPE for instructions on when and how to apply for graduation with their office.


Check your MySJSU Account by Following these steps:
Student Center > My Academics > My Program > Current Academic Objective to see your status and expected graduation term.

Important: If you have previously applied for graduation and need to change your graduation date, see these instructions.