student groups travel funds


Travel Funds for Student Groups

Each fiscal year, contingent upon funding, the School of Information allocates $1500 to each student group for travel expenses associated with conference travel for an officer. The $1500 can be allocated to one officer or split among various officers.

We see this as a great opportunity to encourage students to participate and attend professional association conferences in support of their student group.

Application Process

Complete the online form at least 30 days before the intended travel date.


The funds should be used for expenses associated with attendance at a regional or national professional conference related to iSchool program areas (e.g., library and information science, informatics, archives and records administration) for learning, professional networking, and/or presenting a conference paper/poster.

Grants will not be awarded for international travel. The university travel approval must be secured 30 days prior to attending the conference.Travel must be completed in the fiscal year that the award was granted in; fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.

Students must follow the standard university travel approval processes including the timelines for approval. Our office staff members will guide students through the process which involves working far in advance of the travel dates to meet the requirements.

See the iSchool Travel Rules and Regulations:

Student Travel Process

As soon as you know you are going to travel, submit the Student Group Travel Request form.

Once you are awarded the grant, you will be asked to complete the Request for Approval of Travel and the Student Travel Informed Consent Risk Management Form. The forms must be received by the School of Information 30 days prior to the date of travel.

Email the completed forms to the Administrative Analyst, Roffna Principe (

The Administrative Analyst will review the information for accuracy and compliance, and will submit the Request for Approval of Travel for the required approvals.

Students will be notified once the Request for Approval of Travel is approved.

Students will make their own travel arrangements.

Students must pay for the related expenses, and will then be reimbursed for qualified travel expenses.

Keep all of your receipts while traveling. You can not be reimbursed for expenses with missing receipts.

Once travel has taken place, all receipts must be submitted to the Administrative Analyst, who will then complete the Travel Expense Claim form.

You will be reimbursed for your qualified expenses up to the amount of your travel grant.

Receipts must be submitted within 30 days of the conclusion of travel.

If the receipt is vague, provide an explanation.

Scan all your receipts, use the Travel Reimbursement Receipts Log to organize them, and email them to the Administrative Analyst, Roffna Principe (

The Administrative Analyst will submit the Travel Expense Claim form and the receipts for approval and reimbursement processing.

Once the Travel Expense Claim is processed by Payment Services, a check will be issued and mailed to the student’s address unless the student has submitted an Employee Reimbursement Direct Deposit Authorization form to Accounts Payable (even if you are a student). See:

Condition of the Award

We ask that you write a summary of your conference experience for the iStudent blog upon conclusion of your travel.  You can send a word document and photos directly to our Director of Marketing and Communications, Nicole Purviance,