MARA 294 Applying for an Internship


Applying for MARA 294

All students must submit a Professional Experience: Internship – Student Application form after successfully receiving notification of acceptance from an internship site.

Students must provide information on the internship, the site, and the site supervisor and also submit their statement of Learning Outcomes (we recommend that you keep a copy of them for yourself). Please remember to include your e-mail address.

The faculty supervisor can then approve the internship site and the student’s Learning Outcomes. Your faculty supervisor may ask for revised Learning Outcomes at his or her discretion.

Each semester, one faculty member will serve as faculty supervisor and instructor of record for MARA internships (currently Lnda Main). Internship students should consult with the appropriate faculty supervisor regarding the internship site, Learning Outcomes, required forms, deadlines, and course-related submissions.

Read about the responsibilities of faculty supervisors.